Shanghai Dragons bring back Fearless; Envy retires

Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

The Shanghai Dragons announced the official departure of off-tank Kang-jae "Envy" Lee and the return of Eui-seok "Fearless" Lee to the main roster.

The Dragons acquired Envy last June from the Toronto Defiant, who signed him in October 2018. He played for the Los Angeles Valiant in his first Overwatch League season and was released in April 2018.

However, Envy announced in November that he had been allowed to seek new opportunities. After his departure became official this weekend, Envy announced his retirement.

"Hi. I'm out of the team this time, and I've decided to retire," Envy tweeted. "During the four years of professional gaming, I had a lot of hard work, I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot. I will not forget what I learned while I was a professional gamer, but I will learn something else now."

"We thank him for all of his hard work and being a part of our #Breakthrough last season, and wish him the best in the future," the Dragons tweeted.

Fearless returns to the team 11 months after returning to South Korea to recuperate from an undisclosed health issue. He was replaced on the roster by Young-jin "Gamsu" Noh, who is one of four players the Dragons have parted with this offseason.

Fearless had been competing for Team CC, the Dragons' academy team.

"We're pleased to welcome Fearless back to the main Dragons roster!," the Dragons tweeted.

--Field Level Media