What athletes eat: Freestyle skier Maggie Voisin's ham-and-jam egg sandwich

Just 19 years old, three-time X Games medalist Maggie Voisin has been on the U.S. roster for two Olympic Games already, though a broken ankle the day of the opening ceremonies kept her from competing in Sochi in 2014.

Raised in Whitefish, Montana, Voisin got on her first skis at age 2. These days, she calls Park City, Utah, her home base for training and competing during the fall and winter months. It's a special treat when she makes it back to Montana, where her family still lives.

"My mom, Kristin, has been a restaurant owner for the past 20-plus years, and about a year ago, she decided to downsize her business to create a place that was much smaller and more manageable for where she's at in life," Voisin said. "She opened a new café, Toast, in downtown Whitefish this June, and it's been a hit."

Voisin filled us in on her favorite thing to order from her mom: a recipe that has been in the family for years. "The Tucker Sandwich is actually named after my twin brother, Tucker. It was my mom's creation that she would make him every morning," Voisin said. "Finally, she decided it deserved a spot on the menu."

Day and time: A Thursday afternoon

Place: Stumptown Marketplace in Whitefish, Montana

What I'm eating: The Tucker Sandwich from Toast café

Why I'm eating it: I love to treat myself with one whenever I'm home! I'm gluten-free, so I have it on a gluten-free bagel, and I must say it's absolutely delicious.

Whose recipe: It's a mix of Tucker's recipe and my mom's recipe, although my mom is the one who put an extra twist on it.

The recipe:

Gluten-free everything bagel
White cheddar cheese
Huckleberry jam

Fry the egg until it's over-medium. While that cooks, toast your bagel. Spread huckleberry jam on the bagel, then just stack up your ingredients: egg, ham, cheese, bacon and arugula. Enjoy!