Instant Awesome: Aussie trick-shooters make 395-foot putt to break Guinness World Record

If you sank a 395-foot putt, your face might look like this, too. YouTube/How Ridiculous

If you've spent any time on a golf course, you know how difficult putting can be. So earlier this month, when a group of nonprofessional golfers set out to break the Guinness World Record for the longest putt ever, you might understandably tuck your wallet away on that bet.

The crew on "How Ridiculous," a group of Aussie trick-shooters, headed to the Point Walter Golf Course in Western Australia with just a putter from 395 feet out to make the unthinkable putt and -- wait for it -- they did.

With a putter from 395 feet. OK.

The crew slams the previous mark by 20 feet, set when Fergus Muir, then 66, used an 80-year-old, hickory-shafted putter on the par-3 fifth hole at the Eden Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, to record a hole-in-one from 125 yards (375 feet) out in 2001, according to Guinness.

How many tries did this incredible feat take? According to Brett Stanford, the crew member who sank the putt, probably a few hundred.

"It only took us a couple of hours, which was insane considering the difficulty," Stanford told ESPN. "I was the only one who attempted it as the other two couldn't get the ball going straight consistently. Putting that far is really tough, let alone getting it on line with the right amount of pace."

Breaking a world record is a lifetime memory, surely. But for these guys, this is just another notch on the good ol' belt after recording the highest basketball shot ever when they sank this bucket from the top of the Mauvoisin Dam in Valais, Switzerland, from a height of 593.73 feet.

Forget being impressed by a half-court shot or 15-foot putt -- these boys just stepped up the game.