Player of the Match
Player of the Match

8.49pm Well, that spanking out of the way, let's look ahead to the second ODI, which now provides Finch and his men a chance to wrap this series up in just two games. It's goodbye for now, from Chandan Duorah, Hemant Brar, and myself, Debayan Sen. We'll see you in Rajkot on January 17 to see if India can bounce back and keep this series alive.

8.37pm The presentation is coming up next. David Warner is the Man of the Match. Tells Sanjay Manjrekar on the broadcast: "(On coming back after the ban) I think I've always had the hunger and desire for runs. It's just a great effort from our fast bowlers to knock India over for 255. We wanted to just protect the Powerplay. We got off to a flier, and we were very clinical in the end. For us, it's about keeping rotating the strike and taking the odd boundary here and there. it's about taking the game deep. We knew if we were there at the end, we would win. (On fitness) For me, it's about putting in a 100 percent all the time. As a kid, I loved fielding and diving around. I work hard on my fitness, and we've got a great S&C (strength and conditioning) and my wife also has had a role in making sure that I keep up with it."

Virat Kohli: "Totally outplayed in all three departments. It's a very strong Australian team, and if you don't play well enough, they will hurt you. In phases, we were too respectful against their bowlers, and didn't take the game by the scruff of the neck. It's another challenge to bounce back from here. (On T20 plans) International cricket is always priceless. Experience in any format helps you in other formats. It's about being out there and playing good international cricket. It's an opportunity for these young middle order players to stand up to outstanding bowlers and play a match-winning knock. (On batting at 4) We've had this discussion in the past. Because of the way KL has batted, we have tried to have him bat up in the lineup. We might have to think about this. Every now and then, it's about putting people up there and testing them. People need to relax and not panic. Today was one of the days it didn't come off."

Aaron Finch: "I thought the way we fought back in the middle overs with the ball had a huge part today. The way KL and Shikhar were batting, they could have gone to a much bigger score. Proud of how we fought back. I think we could still brush up in the field. The outfield is a bit damp. Any time you beat India in India is a special feeling. (On Warner) It's been fantastic. He's been unstoppable for a long time now. I think this is his 18th ODI ton and 10th in the last 2-3 years. India will bounce back. They have a couple of all-time greats, and we have to be right on top of our game."

RaoP: "What did you think of Marnus' debut? Did he look good with his pads on through out the Australian innings?" --- Terrific stance. Not easy to keep your bat straight when you have to sit for two and a half hours at one place.

Vinay: "India have lost 4 matches in a row against Australia when Dhoni hasn't been part of the team. " --- Flashback to the 2019 series?

This is just the third time in ODI history, that a team has won a match by 10 wickets when chasing 250 or more. Interestingly, the teams to suffer each time have all been Asian ones!

Dez: "Toothless bowling from India! Got some work to do if they want to challenge for wt20 knockouts. Aus, Eng, NZ and WI ahead of them at the moment. "

McEnroe : "Finch for Man of the Match. Good batting and good captaining. " --- Plenty of players to choose from. I thought Starc and Cummins were outstanding too. But yes, Finch was the one who set the chase in motion with some glorious cover drives

8.25pm Well, we all would have been prepared to stay on for another hour at the very least, weren't we? Australia have won this in a canter. Everything they did today was perfect. The planning, the field placements, the bowling, the fielding. All of it topped off with a muscular opening partnership that made a mockery of the chase. Someone on feedback said India were 130 short, but in this form, these two might have brought those runs up in the 12-odd overs that remained!

Mohammed Shami to Warner, FOUR runs, places this past mid-off, and lets out a celebratory yelp. The batsmen embrace, and this one is done and dusted! Australia do it in stye, with the highest partnership for any wicket in ODI cricket against India!
Mohammed Shami to Warner, FOUR runs, short, down leg side, and he helps it away to the long leg fence. Just uses the pace of the ball

That's 250 up for Australia. The batsmen meet at the centre of the pitch and embrace

Mohammed Shami to Warner, 1 wide, short, called wide as it bounces well over his head

Optimistic Sam: "10 good balls are all that is needed! Come on, India!"

Mohammed Shami to Warner, no run, fuller ball, wider of off, and he drives this towards mid-off
Mohammed Shami to Warner, no run, short of a length, and he goes back and drags this towards mid-wicket

Shankar: "Who wanted to know whether they can chase 350 or not. "

37 | 5 Runs | AUS: 249/0 (7 runs required from 13 overs, RR: 6.72, RRR: 0.53)

  • David Warner120 (108b)
  • Aaron Finch110 (114b)
  • Ravindra Jadeja8-0-41-0
  • Mohammed Shami7-0-49-0

Gregory Mckay: "@ Tahir If this isnt ruthless,what is?"

Jadeja to Warner, 1 run, length, around leg, and he plonks this away towards deep square leg. Wants two, but settles for one

Ali: "There is only one factor missing from the indian side in such crunch scenarios and that is MSD's captaincy.."

Jadeja to Warner, 2 runs, short, and he cuts this away. Past point, but the man will run across and keep it down to two
Jadeja to Finch, 1 run, angles into him, and he plays this away to the left of short fine-leg with a little flick of the wrists
Jadeja to Finch, no run, length, and he drops this around off stump, played towards point
Jadeja to Warner, 1 run, flicks one off his pads towards square leg