A look at Rivalry Week's unique collection of hardware

Ole Miss hoists Egg Bowl trophy high after downing Mississippi State (0:27)

Ole Miss proudly shows off the Egg Bowl trophy after defeating Mississippi State 31-21. (0:27)

Rivalry Week is upon us and there's a lot on the line.

Whether it's playoff positions, bowl game implications or bragging rights, teams across college football enter the holiday weekend with plenty to prove.

There's also noteworthy hardware at stake. These trophies may not be traditional, but their prestige and history shines way past conventional standards.

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Golden Egg: No. 9 Ole Miss vs Mississippi State

Can you imagine the Golden Egg being the Golden Goal Posts? That may have been the case if the proposal wasn't rejected.

Instead, the student bodies of Ole Miss and Mississippi State agreed on the current trophy "in order to effect a better understanding in athletic relations, to foster clean sportsmanship, and to promote a lasting tradition..."

The first Battle of the Golden Egg took place on Thanksgiving in 1927 and is scheduled to take place on the holiday through next year.

Paul Bunyan Axe: No. 14 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota

This wooden figure made its debut in 1948 due to an interesting situation with its predecessor.

The initial traveling trophy, known as the "Slab of Bacon," was shaped like an "M" or "W" depending on how it was viewed. Its whereabouts were unknown from 1943 until 1994, when a Wisconsin intern found it in a storage room.

The original axe resides in the College Football Hall of Fame, and the current model has a six-foot handle with the scores of each meeting between the longtime rivals since 1948.

Bedlam Bell: No. 10 Oklahoma vs. No. 7 Oklahoma State

The trophy is a namesake of the multi-sport rivalry between the two Oklahoma-based schools. According to Oklahoma State, the aforementioned rivalry was named after a newspaper reporter emerged from a wrestling match in Gallagher Hall (now Gallagher-Iba Arena) and said, "It's bedlam in there!"

The rivalry's first reward was a clapper from the bell that hung in Oklahoma State's Old Central building. They agreed to use it as a trophy in 1966 and a crystal replica of the bell is currently used.

Platypus Trophy: Oregon State vs. No. 11 Oregon

The rivalry between Oregon and Oregon State dates all the way back to 1894 and may just have one of the most unique keepsakes of all.

Beginning in 1959, the Platypus Trophy was created by then-University of Oregon art student Warren Spady. The design's duck-like bill and beaver-like tail reflects both teams' mascots.

Legends Trophy: No. 6 Notre Dame vs. Stanford

The Legends Trophy was first presented in 1989 to Lou Holtz and Notre Dame. It's topped with a cup made of Irish crystals and a California redwood base as a tribute to the history of both institutions.