College football today - Week 7 updates, highlights, biggest moments and more

Jelani Woods uses his legs to somehow hang on to this TD (0:23)

Jelani Woods looks as if he's about to lose a touchdown catch, but he pins the ball with his legs to hang on. (0:23)

Can you believe we're already halfway through the season?

Well, Week 7 is here, and we're locking in to whatever happens on Saturday. Purdue upset No. 2 Iowa, Texas lost yet another lead, this time to Oklahoma State, as the Cowboys took down the Longhorns in Austin, LSU beat Florida for the second straight year, Oklahoma's quarterback change paid off and things got ugly in Lane Kiffin's return to Tennessee.

Check out all the results, reaction and revelry from throughout the land.

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Touchdowns of the day

David Bell balled out against Iowa as the Boilermakers upset the Hawkeyes on the road.


Lane Kiffin's reaction to Tennessee fans' boos is priceless

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin reacts to the boos by Volunteers fans during his entrance.

And yes, the Boilermakers sure did do this.

Whew! Armani Rogers dialed things all the way up for this 99-yard touchdown.

It's all fun and games

How exactly do you celebrate a big win? Well, with a beer of course.

UNLV has a slot machine on the sideline, and it might be the most fitting thing we have seen.

In another installment of Texas is *not* back: Horns down.

Is this where Texas sees itself out?

And here goes Mike Gundy, celebrating accordingly.

Elle Duncan is riding a high after the Georgia win.

RGIII definitely still has some gas left in him.

Nothing like a good poem to get you ready for Ole Miss-Tennessee.

Oklahoma is bringing the boom ... box.

And this person, well, they're bringing the bomm. Bommer Sonner, right?

Hey, at least Brian Flores made good on whatever this bet was.

All right, this warrants a good laugh.

First of all, this isn't from Saturday, but it's recent enough and we would just like some answers! Where did Greg Schiano go?

Plays gone wrong

In a flurry of a lot of things that went awry, UConn managed to get a win.

It's certainly not what you want.

And this fake punt was something else.

You'd think a field goal from this range would be an easy three points, but think again.

Mascot check-in

Let's all just take a moment to admire the beauty that is Uga.

And it's nap time.

On Friday night, the Oregon Duck really got behind the black-out uniforms the Ducks were wearing for their blackout game.

Look who's here

Arch Manning, the No. 2 recruit in the 2023 ESPN Junior 300, is in the building for Oklahoma State-Texas.

GameDay antics

Jeff Foxworthy made a grand entrance and got the Dawgs fans hyped.

And Lee Corso's pick is ...


Louisville surprises Lamar Jackson by retiring his number

Louisville football pulls out all the stops while telling Lamar Jackson the Cardinals are retiring his No. 8.

Looking for the best GameDay signs? Check this out.

NIL deal of the week

Getting Marshawn Lynch on board makes everything 10 times better, even NIL deals.

Uniform updates

Give us a better helmet update. That's right, you can't.

On Friday night, the Ducks went full dark mode for their uniforms.

Virginia had a cool reveal for its homecoming threads.

All right, UCF isn't wearing these uniforms until next Friday, but they're just way too cool to leave out. These space uniforms honor the 40th anniversary of the shuttle program, and they are sweet.

For more on uniforms, check this out.

More must-see

Almost like the Boston College defense didn't realize he was still going to score this.

Yeah, this is a wild box score. Eric Barriere completely dominated Idaho.

Jaylan Knighton is showing off his speed against UNC.

No idea how he held onto this ball, but it's a spectacular catch nonetheless.

Kenny Pickett might as well just be a cheat code.

We'll take any and all trick plays.


Purdue's David Bell makes an over-the-shoulder TD catch

Purdue extends its lead over Iowa on a 21-yard touchdown pass from Aidan O'Connell to David Bell.

A Hail Mary at halftime? Sure, why not?

Gimme that!

Security at Minnesota is just doing a thorough job, OK?

What a pretty throw from Tanner Morgan.

Louisville retired Lamar Jackson's number and you really have to watch this reveal.


Michigan State QB makes pretty sideline grab on Spartans' trick play

Michigan State QB Payton Thorne makes a great catch on the sideline on a reverse pass vs. Indiana.

More of this, please.

The more you know.

Looking for an efficient way to score a TD? Just do this. It's a piece of cake.

Warm reception for Lane Kiffin


UTSA's two pick-sixes lead them to dominant win

UTSA gets a pick-six from Trevor Harmanson and Corey Mayfield Jr. to help them beat Rice 45-0.

Kiffin returned to Tennessee, where he had coached for one season before infamously leaving for USC, and the Volunteer faithful gave him a Bronx cheer.

It got ugly at the end, with fans throwing debris on the field, including a golf ball that caught Kiffin's elbow.

"Beep Beep" times two


Lane Kiffin hit with golf ball as Tennessee fans throw objects onto field

After Tennessee turns the ball over on downs, UT fans throw objects onto the field, hitting Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin and delaying the game.

UTSA stayed perfect in its 45-0 win over Rice, and a big part of that was the fact that the Roadrunners had not one, but two pick-sixes. Trevor Harmanson had a 40-yard interception return for a touchdown in the second quarter, aand early in the third, Corey Mayfield Jr. added one of his own.