AFC East Q&A: What will addition of Laremy Tunsil do for Ryan Tannehill?

Today's question: No quarterback in the NFL has been sacked more since 2012 than the Miami Dolphins' Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins believe they finally found a solution to their four-year problem when they drafted Ole Miss offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil. Will the addition of Tunsil make a huge impact on Tannehill's ability to stay upright?

Mike Reiss, New England Patriots reporter: Tannehill has been sacked 184 times in his first four seasons in the NFL, with the high-water mark of 58 sacks in 2013. That's astounding. So what does the addition of Tunsil mean for him? Hopefully not as many meetings with defenders driving him into the turf. On paper, it should help, but we saw on draft night sometimes that the best plans can go up in smoke. Tunsil still needs to prove it.

Rich Cimini, New York Jets reporter: In theory, Tannehill should spend less time on his rear end with Tunsil protecting his blind side. You know what else will help Tannehill stay on his feet? He no longer has to worry about facing Chandler Jones and Mario Williams twice a year. The Patriots traded Jones and the Bills cut Williams, removing two productive edge rushers from the Dolphins' division schedule. Tannehill has to make improvements in his game as well, meaning his pocket presence. Blocking is important, but it's on the quarterback to deliver the ball on time -- an area in which Tannehill struggles.

Mike Rodak, Buffalo Bills reporter: It should help, but I just haven't been impressed with Tannehill in the four seasons I've watched him while covering the Patriots (2012) and Bills (2013-15). Consider his performances in those eight games in which I've seen him live: his QBRs (on a scale of 0 to 100) have been 19.0, 11.3, 15.5, 4.4, 30.7, 43.4, 11.7 and 20.5. All of those are below the average QBR of 50.0, and in some cases, they've been downright terrible. His pass protection has been a problem in those eight games I've watched. How many times has Tannehill been sacked in those eight games? Three, seven, two, seven, four, five, two, two. If the Dolphins can fix their once-woeful offensive line, then Tannehill has a shot to improve. But now entering his fifth season, I just haven't seen from Tannehill what I saw from Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco or any of the other top quarterbacks in the NFL in the early parts of their careers.