Rams' Jalen Ramsey causes a stir among L.A. fans on Super Bowl Sunday

Did the color scheme on Jalen Ramsey's helmet during a Super Bowl LIV commercial reveal anything? Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Jalen Ramsey has caused quite the stir.

No, we're not talking about a contract for the Los Angeles Rams star cornerback, who is entering the final season of his rookie deal and is due a monster extension.

We're talking work-zone attire.

You see, on Super Bowl Sunday, Ramsey played a prominent role in a couple of commercials promoting the NFL's 100th season. In those spots, Ramsey sat in the middle of the construction site that surrounds SoFi Stadium -- the soon-to-be-finished home of the Rams and Chargers -- which is scheduled to open in July.

As heavy machinery buzzed in the background, Ramsey donned a vibrant blue hard hat with sunshine-yellow horns. The colors on Ramsey's cap were a clear departure from the previous navy blue and white hard hats worn by Rams players and officials at the construction site.

And that is cause for commotion among Rams fans as speculation grows about the direction of the team's rebranding effort before a fresh start in their new stadium.

Gone will be the navy, white and hideous light gold uniform combinations.

In will be ... well, that's anyone's guess at this point.

The Rams have taken every precaution not to allow any leaks about their new look, which could be rolled out in two phases over the offseason. Phase 1 might reveal the new color scheme, while Phase 2 would feature the new uniform ensembles.

No exact timeline has been provided, though fans can expect to see the new look before the start of training camp in July.

In a letter to fans following the team's 9-7 season, Kevin Demoff, the Rams' chief operating officer, wrote about several topics that effectively could be categorized into two parts -- an offseason to-do list and an offseason highlight guide.

Of course, the note mentions -- among other things -- falling short of expectations after failing to make the playoffs for the first time in three seasons, the expected evaluation of the roster, the debut of SoFi Stadium and last -- but certainly not least in the eyes of Rams fans -- uniforms.

"This exciting time includes our new brand identity," Demoff wrote. "From logos and colors to uniforms and helmets. These elements will tie to our deep roots in Los Angeles while also providing a sleek, modern look that fits with our new, world-class home."

Since their return to L.A. four seasons ago, the Rams have worn just about every combination in their closet.

In 2016, their homecoming season, there was the white, gold and navy combination. A year later, after listening to vocal fans, the Rams did everything within their power to eliminate the light gold -- which became a staple in St. Louis in 2000 -- and opted to wear a slightly mismatched pant that featured a solid white or blue stripe.

In 2018, as they made a run to Super Bowl LIII, the NFL granted the Rams permission to wear their throwback royal blue and yellow uniforms at home, much to the pleasure of Los Angeles-based Rams fans, who became accustomed to the brightly toned combination before the team departed L.A. for St. Louis in 1995.

Demoff has expressed excitement about the rollout of the team's new look, a topic fans have repeatedly asked about the past four seasons.

"I always view 2020 as the end of the relocation and the beginning of the next chapter of the Rams," Demoff said. "Everything that everybody has questions about for years comes to fruition. ...

"For the organization it’s a huge year because you finally get to put your stamp on all those things that were somebody’s else’s on the Coliseum, or uniforms that dated back to different eras and different times. You have blue and white and blue and yellow, and color rush and all these different elements."

As for tipping his hand about the color schemes the team is leaning toward, Demoff won't budge.

But if Ramsey's hard hat featured on Super Bowl Sunday is any clue, the bright hues are here to stay.

And as for Ramsey?

Well, his contract status might not be the cause for buzz around the organization right now, but here's to thinking he'll be around plenty long enough to sport whatever uniform the Rams debut.

ESPN's Alden Gonzalez contributed to this report.