The evidence suggests the Chiefs have a kicking problem

Cairo Santos and the Chiefs have struggled in the kicking game, but coach Andy Reid suggested snaps have been the issue. John Rieger/USA TODAY Sports

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The evidence would suggest the Kansas City Chiefs have a kicking problem. The Chiefs have botched three point-after touchdowns and missed two field goal attempts in the past four games.

Coach Andy Reid is putting it a different way.

“We’ve been a little inconsistent the last couple of weeks on the snaps," Reid said. “We’ve got to fix that, go back to basics and fundamentals there."

Reid indicated the problem mostly rested with snapper James Winchester, who is in his first NFL season. His bad snap caused a missed field goal by Cairo Santos in Sunday’s win over the San Diego Chargers.

“He’s learning," Reid said. “He’s new at this. This is really his first year being a full-time guy."

Asked whether the Chiefs would stick with Winchester, Reid said, "I’m there today with him."

These aren’t ideal problems for a team trying to earn its way into the playoffs, and Winchester hasn’t been the entire issue. Dustin Colquitt mishandled a snap on a PAT in the previous week’s game against Oakland.

What may help is that the Chiefs, for the first time in almost a month, are likely to play a rain-free game on Sunday against the Ravens in Baltimore.

“Nothing is automatic when humans are involved in it," Reid said. “You’ve got to focus in on it and you’ve got to concentrate and work your techniques, make sure your hands are following through the proper way, all the little things you need to do to stay consistent at it. Then you add [rainy] weather into it and now you go back and you bank on those fundamentals, trust those things."