Tournament Challenge: USC's upset over SMU causes a stir

Enfield describes USC's amazing last 48 hours (2:06)

USC coach Andy Enfield breaks down the Trojans' 66-65 win over SMU and what he told his players at halftime to overcome another deficit. (2:06)

Through six games Friday of the 2017 NCAA tournament, here's a look at what the results mean for the ESPN Tournament Challenge:

Following USC's win over SMU, 4,648 perfect brackets remained out of 18,797,085. (Note: North Carolina's win over Texas Southern is not reflected):

No. 7 Michigan defeats No. 10 Oklahoma State

  • Michigan was chosen to advance past Oklahoma State in 73 percent of brackets.

  • 24 percent of brackets have the Wolverines reaching the Sweet 16.

  • Michigan will play Louisville (70 percent of entries had this matchup). 31 percent of brackets see Michigan pulling off the upset.

No. 3 Baylor defeats No. 14 New Mexico State

  • Baylor was picked in 88 percent of brackets to advance past New Mexico State.

  • 53 percent have them going to the Sweet 16 and 14 percent to the Elite Eight.

  • Baylor will play No. 11 USC.

  • Baylor is picked to win in 80 percent of brackets that correctly picked the matchup against USC.

No. 8 Arkansas defeats No. 9 Seton Hall

  • Arkansas was picked in 49.5 percent of brackets to defeat Seton Hall, so it was a slight upset.

  • Only 3.7 percent of brackets have the Razborbacks advancing to the Sweet 16.

  • The Razorbacks will play North Carolina next.

  • 47.9 percent of entries have this matchup in the second round. Only 5.7 percent have the Razorbacks winning.

No. 3 Oregon defeats No. 14 Iona

  • Oregon was chosen to defeat Iona in 92.5 percent of brackets.

  • 70 percent of brackets see the Ducks in the Sweet 16, 29 percent see them in the Elite Eight and 11 percent in the Final Four.

  • Oregon will face either Creighton or Rhode Island in the next round.

  • Oregon vs. Creighton was picked in 56 percent of brackets. 77 percent of brackets see Oregon advancing.

  • Oregon vs. Rhode Island was picked in 36.1 percent of brackets. 75 percent of brackets see Oregon winning.

No. 2 Louisville defeats No. 15 Jacksonville State

  • Louisville was picked in 95 percent of brackets to beat Jacksonville State.

  • 69 percent of brackets have the Cardinals advancing to the Sweet 16, 47.2 to the Elite Eight and 19.8 to the Final Four.

  • Louisville faces No. 7 Michigan next.

  • 70 percent of entries have Louisville facing Michigan in the second round.

  • 69 percent of brackets have Louisville winning that matchup.

No. 11 USC defeats No. 6 SMU

  • This was chosen in only 18.28 percent of brackets

  • SMU was an Elite Eight team for 9.51 percent of entries.

  • USC was chosen to make the Sweet 16 in only 4.7 percent of brackets.

  • The Trojans will face Baylor next.

  • USC was picked to defeat Baylor in 20 percent of brackets that featured this matchup.