SBP launching own investigation into controversial VisMin Cup game

VisMin Super Cup fallout (3:03)

Outrage came from all sectors after a controversial VisMin Super Cup game on Wednesday where the league said the Siquijor Mystics threw the match against the Lapu Lapu City Heroes. (3:03)

The controversy that rocked Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup earlier this week has also earned the attention of the Samahang Basketbol of Pilipinas (SBP), whose officials are now looking into possible sanctions for the fledgling pro league.

Federation president Al Panlilio on Saturday said he has already tasked certain SBP officials to investigate the incident that resulted in multiple fines, suspensions, and lifetime bans.

"I was aghast with that incident. It's really completely disrespecting the game that a lot of us love," Panlilio said on the Power & Play radio show hosted by former PBA commissioner Noli Eala. "Even FIBA will actually frown on this."

The first game of the league's triple-header on Wednesday saw a preposterous exchange of missed layups and free throws between the ARQ Lapu-Lapu City Heroes and the Siquijor Mystics, who combined to shoot 4-for-29 from the line and just 12 points in the second quarter before the match was called off.

After an investigation was launched in light of allegations of game-fixing, the league's top brass expelled the entire Siquijor team and handed out varying fines and suspensions to the members and coaches of the Lapu-Lapu team.

But the issue doesn't seem settled just yet with the SBP, as Panlilio said the federation could levy more punishment after its own investigation has wrapped up.

"I've actually asked (executive director) Sonny Barrios, (director of operations) Butch Antonio and other directors to also investigate what has happened here. This is not acceptable in any sport, honestly," he said.

"I think from a federation point of view, we can sanction them by maybe suspending players, the league," Panlilio added. "I just want to make sure first that it's the right application of our sanctions."

SBP could also begin discussions with the Games and Amusements Board (GAB) for stricter regulations for aspiring professional players and leagues, especially with the latter needing to register with the national hoops federation to be accredited.

"I think part of this would really be a discussion with GAB. From an SBP point of view, we do have a membership eligibility committee that leagues apply to. I'm not sure whether VisMin has applied with the federation. I'll have to check that. But we have criteria for membership," said Panlilio, citing the number of teams and the number of times a league will have to run.

"When you become a member of SBP, then you are also part of the voting of the membership of the national congress of SBP," the president continued. "We will have to work with GAB and how to avoid such things moving forward."