ESPN's final, full Phantom Draft for 2023

Which picks will be moved on draft night? (2:11)

ESPN AFL Draft expert Jasper Chellappah breaks down to the ESPN Footy podcast team how some of the live trading could go down on draft night. (2:11)

The 2023 AFL Draft has arrived. Tonight, Marvel Stadium will host the first round from 7pm AEDT, with up to 29 picks expected.

Predicting selections throughout the draft has become even more difficult with the live trades in play this year. While the Eagles are all but confirmed to be selecting Harley Reid with pick 1, GWS at pick 7 could turn the draft on its head.

This phantom draft has the Eagles giving up their future first-round selection to swoop on a sliding Daniel Curtin, while a further three trades are set to take place as the Lions, Saints and Dockers move up the order and give the Suns more points to match academy bids.

This is ESPN's official phantom draft for 2023, including all 58 picks and four live trades.

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Night One

1. West Coast - Harley Reid

Bendigo Pioneers/Vic Country MID, 187cm, 85kg

ESPN draft rank: 1

West Coast will select Harley Reid with the first pick in the 2023 AFL Draft. Explosive, confident and mature, Reid has all the tools to become one of the most damaging forward-half midfielders in the league. He's only consolidated his standing at the top of the draft this year, and is now set to join fellow Pioneer Noah Long at the Eagles. West Coast has a long history of retaining interstate talent and will be confident in keeping Reid around for the long haul.

If not Reid? Reid's name will be read out as the first pick in the 2023 draft. North Melbourne has all but given up hope of acquiring the number one pick, while the Demons have thrown three first rounders at the Eagles, but it hasn't been enough.

2. North Melbourne - Colby McKercher

Tasmania Devils/Allies MID, 182cm, 78kg

ESPN draft rank: 3

McKercher is the first burgeoning star set to join North Melbourne. The joint Morrish Medallist as the Coates League's best and fairest, McKercher's creativity and run separated him from the chasing pack of midfielders. The Tasmanian is a maestro through the engine room and a beacon of consistency.

3. North Melbourne - Zane Duursma

Gippsland Power/Vic Country FWD/MID, 189cm, 80kg

ESPN draft rank: 4

Will North bid on Jed Walter, or will they mirror 2022's picks 2 and 3 where they brought in Rising Star Harry Sheezel and fierce midfielder George Wardlaw? Whichever way they go, Duursma is poised to join the Roos, adding speed, class and scoreboard impact to a list that is finally ready to move up the ladder. His silky smooth game should translate well; the brother of Essendon's Xavier will add immediate flair to North's forward half.

If not McKercher and Duursma? North is still linked to WA key defender Dan Curtin at this point, with the big body fitting an obvious need. While the Curtin whispers won't die down, Duursma still looms as the favoured choice here.

4. Bid matched: Gold Coast - Jed Walter

SUNS Academy/Allies FWD, 194cm, 97kg

ESPN draft rank: 2

Could Walter's mid-year knee injury -- that he played through in his brilliant national championships -- see him drop down the draft order a touch? It wouldn't be the first time an Academy player slid, but it won't matter where a bid comes with the Suns positioned to match at any stage. The Suns will split pick 24 with Brisbane and trade back with Fremantle to accumulate more points in an effort to avoid a points deficit.

5. Hawthorn - Nick Watson

Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro FWD, 170cm, 68kg

ESPN draft rank: 10

Will Watson become the Wizard of Waverley Park? The Hawks kept close tabs on the gun small forward all year, and he didn't disappoint with 70 goals across all competitions in 2023. He's a marvel to watch and would form an exciting, niggling forward combination with prized recruit Jack Ginnivan in the brown and gold.

If not Watson? The Hawks will prefer Duursma if the North passes on him, while they've done their due diligence on Dan Curtin. The Demons have had a trade offer involving a swap of 4 and 6 knocked back by Hawthorn; this pick could shape the rest of the top 10.

6. Western Bulldogs - Ryley Sanders

Sandringham Dragons/Allies MID, 186cm, 87kg

ESPN draft rank: 7

The Dogs are eyeing a new era in their star-studded midfield, and have pencilled in accumulating beast Ryley Sanders as the perfect addition. Sanders is a winner, with two Dragons flags and an Allies championship to his name in the past two seasons. He steadily improved his ball use throughout the year and his meticulous preparation and professionalism has impressed clubs.

If not Sanders? The Dogs are tipped to take whoever falls to their selection out of goal sneak Nick Watson and Sanders, with their host of young talls meaning Dan Curtin won't be in consideration here.

7. Melbourne - Caleb Windsor

Eastern Ranges/Vic Metro MID, 185cm, 74kg

ESPN draft rank: 19

Windsor boasts elite speed on the edge of packs, is able to use his burst to get forward of centre and hit the scoreboard. He holds his width and is damaging with his disposal, and is likely to be a high metres gained player at AFL level. Windsor's speed and ball use forward of centre suits Melbourne perfectly on the wide MCG.

If not Windsor? The Dees have become enamoured with Windsor, and are poised to pounce with the first of their top 15 picks. But calls for this selection will come if Dan Curtin is still on the board -- will Melbourne choose Windsor over West Coast's future first-rounder?

8. Live trade with GWS: West Coast - Dan Curtin

Claremont/Western Australia DEF, 197cm, 95kg

ESPN draft rank: 6

Is this the point where a club trades up for the sliding Curtin? West Coast has Curtin at two on their board behind Reid, and are poised to offer up the selection that could be pick 1 in 2024. He's a proactive interceptor with composure and skill in abundance, able to play on a variety of forwards and nullify their influence. Curtin played great football as an inside midfielder as well where his clean hands and balance come to the fore, but he'll settle down back early in his career.

If not Curtin? Clubs have come calling for this selection from the Giants. West Coast will offer its future first-rounder if Curtin is on the board, but is Adelaide's offer of picks 10 and 14 (or a future first) a better fit for GWS? The problem for the Giants is that James Leake isn't guaranteed if they slide back.

9. Bid matched: Gold Coast - Ethan Read

SUNS Academy/Allies RUC, 202cm, 92kg

ESPN draft rank: 8

Read's name is set to be read out in the top 10 of the draft after a campaign in which the 202cm ruckman turned the heads of all recruiters. He ran a sub-six minute 2km time trial at the combine, and that elite athleticism is on display around the ground. The unicorn processes the game quickly and uses the ball beautifully by hand and foot.

10. Geelong - Nate Caddy

Northern Knights/Vic Metro FWD/MID, 193cm, 88kg

ESPN draft rank: 5

If the Cats stay put, Caddy is right in their calculations as a powerful key forward with brilliant contested marking attributes. He's shown flashes through the midfield and has kicked remarkable ground-level goals, but it's his aerial prowess that will see him drafted around the top 10. The nephew of Josh could follow his uncle's footsteps into the Cattery a decade on.

If not Caddy? If Ryley Sanders doesn't make it to the Cats, expect this pick to be a live trade chance on draft night. Adelaide could offer two first-rounders to get up in the pursuit of O'Sullivan or Curtin, while the Hawks, Roos and Swans are all linked to a trade up the order. Leake, O'Sullivan, and Darcy Wilson are a chance.

11. Essendon - Connor O'Sullivan

Murray Bushrangers/Allies DEF/FWD, 198cm, 92kg

ESPN draft rank: 9

The Allies MVP is a mature body down back, able to play on a range of opponents and intercept with safe hands. He gets involved in transition, has the agility and skills to play through the midfield and would add immediate best-22 competition for the Dons, who may like his brilliant marking and aerobic capacity as a forward.

If not O'Sullivan? This selection is in play on draft night -- the Bombers will entertain the possibility of splitting this pick for two late firsts with Adelaide and North potential trade partners. It would give Essendon a look at a group including Riley Hardeman, Darcy Wilson, and brother of Zach, Archer Reid. The Dons will likely select the remaining prospect of Caddy, O'Sullivan, or Leake in that order.

12. Adelaide - James Leake

Tasmanian Devils/Allies DEF/FWD, 187cm, 77kg

ESPN draft rank: 20

The classy utility has spent most of his time in defence where he reads the play and rebounds, but arguably his best football came late in the season as a marking target up forward. Leake plays above his height and has pure footballing instincts. While his midfield proficiency is largely untapped, there are elements of Nat Fyfe to the way Leake attacks the ball in the air and on the ground.

If not Leake? The Crows are heavily linked to the Giants' pick 7, and a package of 10, 14 and a future second for 7 and 16 could tempt. Curtin or O'Sullivan are the ideal choices for the Crows, but at this point it may be a decision between Leake and Charlie Edwards.

13. Melbourne - Koltyn Tholstrup

Subiaco/Western Australia FWD/MID, 186cm, 86kg

ESPN draft rank: 18

Tholstrup's aggression, physicality and high character has him in the Demons' plans. He's also an elite athlete with top-end speed, agility and endurance. Tholstrup has suitors from the Dees through to the Pies in the first round.

If not Tholstrup? A slider in the shape of Leake, Caddy or O'Sullivan will turn Melbourne's head. Otherwise, expect Tholstrup to be the selection.

14. Bid matched: Western Bulldogs - Jordan Croft

Calder Cannons/Vic Metro FWD, 201cm, 80kg

ESPN draft rank: 15

Croft is a dynamic key forward, capable of aerial highlights and height-defying play at ground level. He leads hard at the leg playing deep forward, but he's also played in defence through his junior years. The Dogs may look to develop him as a defender with their influx of talented talls. The Swans are a chance to bid on Croft, but the Dogs are well prepared to match for the father-son prospect.

15. Bid matched: Gold Coast - Jake Rogers

SUNS Academy/Allies MID, 171cm, 69kg

ESPN draft rank: 12

A fall down the order for Rogers would be welcome for the Suns, but the pocket rocket midfielder is a bonafide first-rounder on talent. Rogers is tough and tenacious at the coalface, tackling with vigour and using his acceleration to get out of trouble. His diminutive stature doesn't stop him from throwing his body around in the clinches.

16. Sydney - Will Green

Northern Knights/Vic Metro RUC, 204cm, 93kg

ESPN draft rank: 32

Green's ruck craft has steadily improved throughout the year, but he's set to be drafted in the first round because of his clean hands in the contest as a point of difference to other big men. He has the size and athleticism to develop into something special at AFL level in due course.

If not Green? It may be a bit early for Green, but he's a chance with North and Adelaide so Sydney will need to grab him here. Charlie Edwards could be preferred, while Tholstrup would be ideal if he got past Melbourne.

17. St Kilda - Darcy Wilson

Murray Bushrangers/Vic Country MID, 186cm, 74kg

ESPN draft rank: 11

Wilson has been prolific and one of the most consistent draftees this year, with his professionalism lauded by clubs. His elite aerobic capacity suits Ross Lyon's side perfectly on the outside.

If not Wilson? Harry DeMattia is linked, but Wilson may slide on draft night which would give them a big decision between the two.

18. Bid matched: Hawthorn - Will McCabe

Central District/South Australia DEF/FWD, 197cm, 86kg

ESPN draft rank: 22

The Hawks are anticipating a bid in the teens for McCabe, their South Australian father-son prospect. He's an ultra-athletic tall defender that gets involved in transition and can play at either end of the ground. Adelaide would love to pinch him here, but the Hawks have accumulated the points to match a bid in the first round for the high-upside tall.

19. Adelaide - Taylor Goad

South Adelaide/South Australia RUCK, 206cm, 97kg

ESPN draft rank: 31

At 206cm, Goad runs an incredible sub-three second 20m sprint and has developed well this year for a late convert to football. He plays like a midfielder, running on and linking play together, but he also improved his marking and ball skills as the season wore on. An SA product, Goad will take time but would be the perfect long-term successor to Reilly O'Brien.

If not Goad? This is a touch early for Goad but North is sniffing around and the Crows are keen to secure him. Harry DeMattia and Arie Schoenmaker are in calculations.

20. North Melbourne - Harry DeMattia

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country MID, 184cm, 77kg

ESPN draft rank: 29

No one provides speed and dare better than DeMattia, the star junior cricketer that impressed all season with his burst out of congestion. His consistent campaign included stints as a lockdown defender, centre bounce accumulator and goal-kicking half-forward. He showed great traits off halfback, which is where he may be utilised to start his career.

If not DeMattia? It might be a bit early for key defender Wil Dawson, while small forward Phoenix Gothard has been linked and a ruckman is likely to be taken with one of the three late firsts.

21. GWs - Charlie Edwards

Sandringham Dragons MID, 191cm, 85kg

ESPN draft rank: 36

It would be an incredible rise for Edwards if he's taken here after being overlooked for Vic Metro and the national combine, but clubs are growing enamoured with his physical profile and rate of development late in the season. The Dragons midfielder has speed and endurance at 191cm, finding the ball in space and using it well forward of centre. His burst adds a point of difference to the Adelaide engine room.

If not Edwards? The Giants are linked to small forward Phoenix Gothard and Hawks NGA defender Tew Jiath at this pick.

22. North Melbourne - Riley Hardeman

Swan Districts/Western Australia DEF, 188cm, 75kg

ESPN draft rank: 21

Hardeman has suitors earlier than this, including the Saints and Crows, and it's easy to see why. He's an attacking halfback with a penetrating kick to go alongside great intercepting ability and leadership attributes. Hardeman would add immediate best-22 competition for a team that needs good ball use out of the back 50 next to Harry Sheezel.

If not Hardeman? North will target talls with these late first round selections, but they also need to grab the best talent available. Around the mark will be ruckmen Will Green and Taylor Goad, but Victorian duo Ollie Murphy and Archie Roberts are tipped to get past them.

23. North Melbourne - Mitch Edwards

Peel Thunder/Western Australia RUCK, 206cm, 88kg

ESPN draft rank: 34

Edwards has slid a bit since the start of the year, but his size and contested marking ability is the best for the ruckmen in the pool. North has signalled its intent to go big in the draft and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Edwards is a Fremantle NGA prospect but can only have his bid matched outside the top 40.

If not Edwards? There are other rucks around this point in the draft including Green and Goad, while Archer Reid, Logan Morris, and Wil Dawson are all in consideration.

24. Bid matched: Gold Coast - Will Graham

SUNS Academy/Allies MID/DEF, 186cm, 81kg

ESPN draft rank: 35

Graham has received an invitation to Marvel Stadium so clubs are considering placing a bid in the first round. It makes sense, given Graham's speed, physicality and composure form an exciting package for a midfielder. He also played off halfback where his defensive instincts were impressive for the Allies.

25. Bid matched: Sydney - Caiden Cleary

Swans Academy/Allies MID, 180cm, 78kg

ESPN draft rank: 24

Cleary is the star of this year's Swans Academy, a hard-nosed on-baller with a real appetite to pressure and get from contest to contest. It gives the Swans another inside midfielder to build around.

26. Collingwood - Lance Collard

Subiaco/Western Australia FWD, 180cm, 65kg

ESPN draft rank: 16

Collard has a wide range in the draft, with some clubs concerned about a go-home factor for the WA livewire forward. At his best, he offers shades of Shai Bolton with his incredible speed and evasiveness, and he kicked 10 goals in his two Colts finals games to propel himself into first round consideration. The Eagles can't match the bid for their NGA product inside the top 40.

If not Collard? The Pies will back in their culture to retain interstate talent, despite the whispers of Collard's hesitancy to move from WA. Talls Archer Reid and Logan Morris are also linked.

27. Adelaide - Arie Schoenmaker

Tasmania Devils/Allies DEF/MID, 194cm, 89kg

ESPN draft rank: 13

Schoenmaker's draft range is wide with clubs split on his projection at the next level. What isn't up for debate is his brilliant left boot, ability to pick out teammates from 60 metres away and hit the scoreboard when further up the ground. Schoenmaker is a good runner for his size, has improved his professionalism leaps and bounds and has impressed recruiters with his maturity.

If not Schoenmaker? The Crows could hope Goad falls to this spot, and have been linked to SA midfielder Kane McCauliffe. Could they take the shot on Ashton Moir?

28. St Kilda - Phoenix Gothard

Murray Bushrangers/Allies FWD, 178cm, 72kg

ESPN draft rank: 39

Gothard is an elite level athlete for a small forward, and he uses that speed defensively to pressure and tackle. The Allies star has also shown ability up on a wing and loves to run and carry with the ball.

If not Gothard? St Kilda may zag from what they bring in with their first selection, and a range of types including Wil Dawson, Archie Roberts and Lance Collard are linked.

29. Carlton - Ashton Moir

Glenelg/South Australia FWD, 187cm, 85kg

ESPN draft rank: 33

The Blues hold the final pick of the first round, and Moir presents as a mercurial forward-half talent that could become anything at the next level. Ranked inside the top five coming into the season, he's struggled with injury and consistency this year but is still a tremendous talent, adept at kicking off either foot and boasting stop-on-a-dime evasiveness. There's no one quite like Moir on Carlton's list, who are in a position to punt on upside in the draft.

If not Moir? Another ruckman could be an option with Mitch Edwards a small chance, but the group linked to the Blues at this pick include running defender Tew Jiath and WA forward-midfielder Koen Sanchez.


30. West Coast - Archie Roberts

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro DEF, 184cm, 77kg

ESPN draft rank: 23

Archie Roberts has speed, class and the leadership attributes to make an immediate impact off halfback for West Coast. He's won premierships with the Dragons and in the APS with Haileybury, and has demonstrated elite professionalism in his junior career.

If not Roberts? Key defensive depth is a need for the Eagles and Ollie Murphy will appeal if still available. Other names linked include Ashton Moir, Koen Sanchez and Clay Hall, but the big name that West Coast will hope can fall to this mark is Lance Collard. Clubs have some concerns about his willingness to move interstate which may help him slide to this selection.

31. Trade with Gold Coast: Brisbane - Logan Morris

Western Jets/Vic Metro FWD, 191cm, 90kg

ESPN draft rank: 41

The Lions are set to trade up for the Suns' pick 24 in pursuit of a tall. One of the most prolific goal-kickers this year was Morris. He's a consistent kick and reliable target up forward, leading hard at the leg. Morris has question marks over his size as a genuine tall at the next level, but his output can't be questioned.

If not Morris? The Lions are keen to target talls in this draft, and the likes of Archer Reid and Wil Dawson will be in their mix. Speed off halfback and small forward depth could also be on the agenda -- Angus Hastie or a slide from Phoenix Gothard would fit the bill.

32. Geelong - Ollie Murphy

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro DEF, 200cm, 85kg

ESPN draft rank: 17

It's an area of need for the Cats and Murphy has demonstrated attributes that will make him a great key defender in the long-term. Named Vic Metro's MVP, Murphy has long limbs and a happy knack of spoiling at the last minute. He doesn't get involved in transition but his defensive profile as a no-nonsense fullback is impressive.

If not Murphy? Wil Dawson and Zane Zakostelsky are other key defenders that could be picked here. Or, could Andrew Mackie take a punt on brutish midfielder George Stevens after his starring performance in their VFL side?

33. Trade with Gold Coast: St Kilda - Wil Dawson

Gippsland Power/Vic Country DEF, 200cm, 86kg

ESPN draft rank: 44

The Saints are poised to trade up for this Suns selection via a future third-round trade with Melbourne. Dawson has suitors in the second round with the key defender demonstrating impressive touch below his knees for a defender of his size. He's played through the ruck and had stints up forward, but it's as a key defensive pillar where his strength and instincts are best utilised.

If not Dawson? The Saints are eyeing key position depth as well as run, so a look at Logan Morris and Archer Reid, plus Tew Jiath and Luamon Lual should be expected.

34. Carlton - Matt Carroll

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro DEF, 188cm, 81kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

Carroll is a left-footed runner with good defensive instincts playing on a range of forwards. He has some speed and attacking upside with ball in hand, and won a flag with the Dragons this year.

If not Carroll? There are a host of halfbacks at this stage, with the Blues also linked to Tew Jiath and Luamon Lual.

35. Richmond - Archer Reid

Gippsland Power/Vic Country FWD, 203cm, 93kg

ESPN draft rank: 30

If Reid makes it to this point, it's the perfect selection for the Tigers. His upside is tremendous as a key forward that can pinch hit in the ruck with his long limbs and running capacity. Reid had an interrupted year but his best is elite.

If not Reid? Logan Morris is another key forward linked to the Tigers with their first pick, while midfielders Cooper Simpson, George Stevens and Clay Hall will also be considered.

36. Essendon - Luamon Lual

GWV Rebels/Vic Country DEF, 181cm, 71kg

ESPN draft rank: 26

Lual is in the first round frame so this would be a slide. The Rebels defender plays above his height with an excellent vertical leap, intercepting and kick-starting transition with neat ball use. Lual is a Western Bulldogs NGA prospect but can only be matched after pick 40.

If not Lual? Tew Jiath is another halfback linked to the Dons, while midfielders Cooper Simpson and George Stevens fit the list needs.

37. Collingwood - Tew Jiath

Gippsland Power DEF, 188cm, 72kg

ESPN draft rank: 28

Jiath has suitors in the first round -- including GWS -- and it's easy to see why. He plays above his size with a fantastic vertical leap, and his speed is on display rebounding out of defensive 50. Jiath doesn't take the game on as much as his older brother Changkuoth but is a reliable ball user and his rate of development this year has impressed recruiters. The Hawks can match a bid outside the top 40 for their NGA prospect, so this would be a cruel blow.

If not Jiath? Jiath's bounce out of defence suits the Pies, but so would Lual's or Angus Hastie's. They've been linked to Geordie Payne, but could that come through the rookie draft?

38. Fremantle - Koen Sanchez

East Fremantle/Western Australia FWD/MID, 178cm, 71kg

ESPN draft rank: 37

Fremantle finally enters the draft at this point, and it would be a welcome surprise if smart forward Koen Sanchez is still on the board. Sanchez had a remarkable campaign for WA where his speed, football IQ and skill execution under pressure were all highlights. He's spent a lot of his year on-ball but will likely settle as a half-forward at the next level.

If not Sanchez? The Dockers will hope NGA product Mitch Edwards makes it past pick 40, but could be tempted to grab him here if available. Mature-ager Shaun Mannagh has been heavily linked but may come into calculations later, while tough midfielder Clay Hall would suit their list profile. Keep an eye on Fremantle if Lance Collard slides on draft night -- with three firsts to play with next year they could be a live trade candidate.

39. Essendon - Cooper Simpson

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country MID, 181cm, 79kg

ESPN draft rank: 27

With speed a focus for the Dons over the past two drafts, Cooper Simpson's elite burst from congestion and ability to hit the scoreboard will appeal late in the piece. Simpson had an epic bottom-age campaign but injury ruled him out of the national championships this year. His upside remains one of the best in the draft, with shades of Luke Davies-Uniacke in the way he moves through congestion and gets his hands free. If Simpson had a full campaign, he could have played himself into top 15 contention.

If not Simpson? Angus Hastie is in the frame here as a rebounding halfback, and big-bodied midfielder George Stevens would be a best available pick if he slides. Could the Dons make a bid on Hawks father-son Calsher Dear? The key forward has impressed in the back half of the year.

40. West Coast - Clay Hall

Peel Thunder/Western Australia MID, 189cm, 87kg

ESPN draft rank: 48

Hall was a beacon of consistency during a tough championships for WA, with the hard-nosed on-baller turning heads when he went head-to-head with the best midfielders in the country. His hard running and professionalism should see him taken in the national draft, and both WA sides have been linked to the son of former Eagle and Cat Derek Hall.

If not Hall? Best available talent is needed for the Eagles, but could they turn to some of Harley Reid's Vic Country mates to make the trip over with him? Smooth-moving wingman Joel Freijah is around the mark here, along with halfback Angus Hastie and explosive midfielder Cooper Simpson.

41. Trade with Gold Coast: Fremantle - Shaun Mannagh

Werribee VFL FWD/MID, 175cm, 83kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

Fremantle is likely trading up to this spot with the Suns. Mannagh is the one mature-ager projected to be taken in the national draft, and Fremantle could pounce on the midfielder who kicked six goals in the VFL Grand Final. His goal nous will be suited well to a forward role, and he has the defensive game to impact as a pressure forward as well.

If not Mannagh? There's interest in Mannagh from Essendon and Geelong late in the piece so Freo would need to go early. Locals Clay Hall and Zane Zakostelsky could also be options.

42. St Kilda - Tarkyn O'Leary

Sandringam Dragons/Vic Metro MID, 178cm, 70kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

O'Leary smashed Ollie Hollands' 2km time from 2022 at the draft combine -- he's an elite aerobic athlete who also looked the part for the Sandringham Zebras this year. O'Leary gets the best out of himself and his running power will tempt Ross Lyon at this stage of the draft.

If not O'Leary? There are a number of Dragons linked to the Saints at this point including Will Brown and Luke Lloyd. The upside of dashing defender Nathan Philactides may tempt as well as the small forward craft of high-flyer Jack Delean.

43. Richmond - George Stevens

GWV Rebels/Vic Country MID, 189cm, 100kg

ESPN draft rank: 14

This would be an extraordinary slide for Stevens, but clubs are split on the big-bodied midfielder's fit at the next level. For Richmond, however, Stevens can offer immediate best-22 competition. He's an elite extractor, has beautiful skills in space and is one of the best leaders in the draft class.

If not Stevens? Midfielders will appeal for the Tigers who need depth -- Cooper Simpson, Harvey Johnston and Joel Freijah will all be options.

44. GWS - Harvey Thomas

GWS Academy/Allies FWD, 176cm, 69kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

Thomas packs a punch as a small forward with his intensity and versatility a real weapon. He runs all day and makes the right decision with the ball in hand. He's the pick of the Giants Academy and GWS is willing to pick him up with their final pick in the national draft.

45. Fremantle - Aiden O'Driscoll

Perth Demons/Western Australia MID, 175cm, 70kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

The brother of Fremantle's Emma and Nathan, it could be a family affair if Aiden is selected here. His elite speed (he won the 20m sprint at the national combine) and endurance blend is ideal for his wing role, and it's an area that the Dockers are lacking in.

If not O'Driscoll? Locals Clay Hall and Zane Zakostelsky have also been linked, and O'Driscoll has attracted interest from Brisbane.

46. Brisbane - Angus Hastie

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country DEF, 190cm, 74kg

ESPN draft rank: 36

The Lions often target speed and a long-term rebounding option is speed demon Hastie, who tucks the ball and runs at every opportunity. Hastie has the size to develop into a reliable defender in addition to his offensive game, and some clubs have him rated inside the top 30 given his potential as a metres gained backman at the next level.

If not Hastie? If Brisbane don't snare a tall with their first pick, expect the likes of Luke Lloyd, Sam Van Rooyen, and Wil Dawson to be considered. Smart playmakers Kade De La Rue and Aiden O'Driscoll should also be around the mark.

47. West Coast - Zane Zakostelsky

Claremont/Western Australia DEF/RUCK, 196cm, 90kg

ESPN draft rank: 25

Zakostelsky has a top-three athletic profile in this draft and his rate of development he been eye-catching. He's gone from a basketball convert to best on ground in Claremont's Colts premiership as a ruckman. Down back is where Zakostelsky is likely to settle, with his closing speed and length paramount to his upside as a key defender.

If not Zakostelsky? Key defensive depth is needed if the Eagles miss on Ollie Murphy and Wil Dawson, but top talent also includes Joel Freijah and Kade De La Rue.

48. Brisbane - Lachie Charleson

GWV Rebels/Vic Country FWD, 177cm, 74kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

A brilliant pressure forward who impacts the game with his hunt for the man, Charleson has built himself up as one of the best tacklers in the pool. Charleson has fans including Port Adelaide at the back-end.

If not Charleson? The Lions like O'Driscoll's run on the outside, have a need for talls up the order and will also consider halfback run including Hastie.

49. Port Adelaide - Jack Callinan

Tasmanian Devils/Allies FWD, 179cm, 81kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

The fifth Tasmanian to enter draft calculations is Callinan, whose small forward nous is up there with the best. He kicks goals with smart positioning, great crumbing and accuracy from anywhere in the forward 50.

If not Callinan? Lachie Charleson has been heavily linked, while South Australians Will Patton and Kane McAuliffe should be considered.

50. Geelong - Kane McCauliffe

North Adelaide/South Australia MID, 187cm, 86kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

A tough inside midfielder who tested exceptionally well at the combine, McAuliffe has the attributes to be an effective midfielder in due course. He had a brilliant bottom-age year where his speed, agility and leap were all on display.

If not McAuliffe? A host of Falcons including Angus Hastie and Joe Pike should be considered for the Cats.

51. Western Bulldogs - Joel Freijah

GWV Rebels/Vic Country MID/FWD, 190cm, 88kg

ESPN draft rank: 40

The Rebel is a smooth-moving wingman capable of the extraordinary, which included a six-goal performance in the Talent League this year. Freijah is classy and attacking, boasting a healthy amount of dare with ball in hand.

If not Freijah? Joe Fonti has been linked to the Dogs, as well as midfielder Harvey Johnston. They're set to take two late selections after matching a bid on Croft.

52. Collingwood - Luke Lloyd

Sandringham Dragons FWD, 193cm, 84kg

A marking forward who famously kicked 19 goals for his school, De La Salle, Lloyd is a beautiful set shot to go with activity as a centre-half forward. He has the footy IQ to make up for his lack of genuine key tall height.

If not Lloyd? The Pies have liked undersized forwards that get mobile up the ground, so Logan Morris should appeal if still available. Joe Fonti and Geordie Payne have also been linked.

53. West Coast - Kade De La Rue

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country FWD, 183cm, 79kg

ESPN draft rank: 42

A balanced and smart forward-half midfielder, De La Rue weights balls to leading forwards and hits the target more often than not. His pressure and positioning lends himself to an ability to impact at the next level.

If not De La Rue? WA talent including wingman Aiden O'Driscoll and ruckman Coen Livingstone will be considered, and Tarkyn O'Leary has been linked but could be taken by then.

54. Geelong - Billy Wilson

Dandenong Stingrays/Vic Country DEF, 183cm, 72kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

Wilson has elite speed to take the game on from halfback, and a neat kick to go with his dare. He was a vice-captain for the Stingrays and racked up the ball in a strong campaign.

If not Wilson? Joel Freijah, Michael Rudd and Joe Pike are all options for the Cats.

55. Western Bulldogs - Will Lorenz

Oakleigh Chargers/Vic Metro MID, 186cm, 72kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

Lorenz entered the year a top 20 prospect, but was overlooked for midfield opportunities at the Chargers. At his best, he slows down time with beautiful movement through congestion, and he finds hands to outside runners consistently.

If not Lorenz? Joel Freijah has been heavily linked to the Dogs late in the piece.

56. Geelong - Joe Pike

Geelong Falcons/Vic Country RUCK, 203cm, 97kg

A ruckman with clean hands and impressive development, Pike will be a huge project for the Cats but one they're linked to taking on. Given Toby Conway's development, Geelong may be keen to keep that connection with Falcons ruckmen.

If not Pike? The Cats could pass at this stage hold a pick over for the pre-season.

57. Port Adelaide - Harvey Johnston

Sandringham Dragons/Vic Metro MID/FWD, 183cm, 79kg

ESPN draft rank: 47

A midfielder-forward with a lovely sidestep, Johnstone has had a consistent top-age campaign culminating in the Talent League premiership. He always has time on his side thanks to brilliant evasiveness, and he makes good decisions with ball in hand.

If not Johnston? Lachie Charleson is a good chance if still available, and a host of SA prospects including Jack Delean will be around the mark.

58. Hawthorn - Calsher Dear

Sandringham Dragons FWD, 195cm, 87kg

ESPN draft rank: 50+

Dear is a father-son prospect set to join the Hawks in the national draft regardless of a bid being placed. The Dragons product enjoyed a consistent second half of the year that elevated his standing in a draft lacking tall forwards; his aerial exploits (including an eye-catching vertical leap) and scoreboard impact have turned recruiters heads.