'The entire stadium attacks him!': Pat McAfee reacts to Buddy's 1000th goal

American media personality and former NFL punter Pat McAfee has been left stunned by vision of thousands of fans running onto the Sydney Cricket Ground after Lance Franklin kicked his 1000th AFL goal on Friday night.

McAfee, who was a punter for the Indianapolis Colts for seven years, and first took interest in AFL when American sports shut down due to the coronavirus situation locally in 2020, was shocked by the tradition, in which fans storm the field after a player kicks either their 100th goal for the season, or their 1000th career goal.

Including Franklin, just six men in AFL/VFL history have managed the feat in more than 150 years, prompting scenes from out of a movie after thousands of fans mobbed Franklin to celebrate the milestone.

"This morning, Buddy f------ Franklin attempted and scored his 1000th career goal. There's six minutes left on the g--damn clock, Buddy Franklin bangs home his 1000th goal. The entire stadium attacks him!" McAfee said on The Pat McAfee Show, while getting out of his seat with excitement.

"This is a once in a generation type thing to happen, is what I was told by Aussies tweeting me.

"Buddy f----- Franklin. This guy - an assassin with the footy. When the Sherrin is in his hand, and he's running up and he's about to blast it this [guy] could land it in a keyhole if he has to.

"He has different spins, and curves, and bends, and magic. 1000 goals ... I couldn't help but get overwhelmed with joy for this guy!"

Talking to his co-hosts, McAfee continues: "Imagine the moment he knocks this through ... and the entire stadium says we ain't f------ waiting, [Geelong have] lost, this dude just did something awesome. That was amazing. Sports are back, baby!"