AFLW Round Table: Is there an early favourite in the goal of the year race?

Depth to be a big key for COVID-interrupted AFLW season (1:40)

The ESPN Footy Podcast's Marnie Vinall says teams with strong depth across every line are going to fare much better with the COVID challenges seen early in the AFLW season. (1:40)

It's Pride Round! Our AFLW experts tackle some of the burning questions ahead of Round 3.

If you had to come up with a plural for the Prespakis sisters, what would it be?

Marnie Vinall: I'll have to agree with ESPN Footy Podcast's Anna Harrington on this one. Prespaki just rolls off the tongue so much more easily. I can't imagine myself saying 'Prespakises' without over enunciating it.

Marissa Lordanic: I agree here. There aren't any complaints from anyone that it should be Prespaki.

Jesse Robinson: No arguments here, Prespaki all the way.

Which team's pride guernsey is your favourite?

MV: Before I name a favourite, I just want to state up top how happy I am to see all (bar one) sides embrace this round and these guernseys. Seeing fans get so excited about being able to purchase their side's pride jumpers and watching players reveal what the designs mean to them and the game has been really special. Now... there are some close contenders but for me it's a tie between Freo and North Melbourne. They are both clean, clear designs that work so well with the existing club branding. I'm also going to give an honourable mention to the inclusion of the trans flag across a few of them. I love this so much. Here for the representation and celebration.

ML: There are some absolute stunners! Shout out to Carlton's, they've put a real focus on transgender awareness by incorporating the colours of the transgender flag up the top of the design which I think is a great touch. Could they have taken this opportunity to highlight non-binary folks more prominently? Perhaps Darcy's announcement came after the guernsey was finalised. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful guernsey.

JR: It's been an awesome effort by 13 of the 14 clubs to create a special guernsey for the round, but I think Melbourne's is my favourite from the press photos. The true test will be seeing all of them out on the ground on the weekend.

Do you have an early goal of the year favourite?

MV: I've had Melbourne's Alyssa Bannan getting a handball receive near the centre square and then getting on her bike all the way to goal on repeat since the weekend. My favourite part -- other than her absolutely turning on the jets -- was probably how she burned Skipper Daisy Pearce, who was open and calling for the ball, and just backed herself in. I love to see younger players back themselves in like that and have faith in their own ability and decisions in the heat of the moment. You know what? I might go put it on again.

ML: While Monique Conti's effort against the Dees was pretty spectacular to watch and Ebony Antonio's effort from the boundary in Round 1 was special, I can't go past Bannan's goal against the Tigers. It was so fun to watch, it had a little bit of everything. Her ability to accelerate away from her opponent, take the two bounces, ignore Pearce who was open, and still finish made it its own little three-part story within the match.

JR: The easy answer here is Bannan burning Kate Dempsey and streaking through the centre of Punt Road, completely ignoring a wide open Pearce and slamming it through from 30m out. I'll also give a special mention to Antonio's boundary line stunner from Round 1, because I didn't think that would be beaten this season!

Which Round 3 match are you most looking forward to?

MV: I'm most looking forward to the Richmond-Fremantle clash, as both teams look like they're on the cusp of something really special. The Tigers are up and coming, were really competitive against a strong Dees outfit last week and now get to face another tough test against Freo, another flag fancy, who have posted two cracking wins so far.

ML: For me, there are a few games that stand out due to the potential margins we could see, and it worries me! If Collingwood continue their strong form then they have the ability to do a number on the Cats. Ditto the Crows against West Coast; the Eagles put up a big fight against the Suns, but Adelaide are a different beast and they have looked superb in the opening two rounds. And if flag favourites Melbourne can continue on their merry way? It's going to be more pain inflicted on the struggling Saints.

JR: I think we'll see some lopsided results this weekend, but if the Tigers can recreate and maintain the pressure and attack they showed in the first quarter against the Demons, the Dockers might face their first serious challenge of the year. A Tuesday night fixture will also be an interesting addition to the round.