'We just don't like you': Power request separate hotel from Crows

Port Adelaide chairman David Koch has requested his side be accommodated in a separate hotel to cross-town rival Adelaide when the teams relocate to Queensland, as they are "not our type of people."

Both South Australian-based teams have been forced to relocate north as the AFL looks to resume its 2020 season in quarantine hubs on June 11.

"We've actually requested not to be in the same hotel," Koch told FIVEaa radio. "We have enormous respect for the team, for the Crows, absolutely enormous respect, but [we] just don't like you. We're so different.

"Why should we have to spend eight weeks in the same hotel? So we've requested to the AFL - why don't you put us with one of the Western Australian teams.

"We're so different. We eat Balfour's meat pies and you eat quiche ... and you guys drink chardonnay. You're not our type of people."

A Showdown between the two clubs is expected in the early stages of the rescheduled season and Koch feared that staying together and training nearby could soften the contest.

"What, do you train next to each other and get the same bus? Give me a break," he said. "We were going to be in the same hotel and, you know, they don't like each other. So why? It's ridiculous."