Cooking classes and trivia nights: How the Crows are keeping busy

From binge-watching Netflix to taking regular jogs around the block, we're all trying to keep busy and stave off boredom during the COVID-19 lockdown, but at Adelaide, a slightly different approach to dealing with isolation has been taken.

In a bid to stay tight-knit during the age of social distancing, the Crows' paying group has formed a cooking club, a concept where they each take turns demonstrating their culinary skills, or lack thereof.

"We've got lots of little Whatsapp groups that we're in and we're doing things like weekly cooking classes where each player has had a recipe each week," Crows ruckman Reilly O'Brien said on Wednesday. "We were doing dinner, and Tex [Taylor Walker] had an omelette one week.

"I'm not sure what he normally has for dinner but ... omelettes. [Rory] Sloane is cooking crusted salmon tonight. There's been a few other things."

The fun hasn't stopped in the kitchen, either. Adelaide players are also sharpening their general knowledge by taking part in regular quiz nights.

However, when it comes to selecting teammates for his trivia team, O'Brien joked there's not a whole lot of "smart cookies" available.

"There's not many blokes I'd want, really. There's a lot of blokes to avoid," he said. "You'd probably avoid Walker, [Paul] Seedsman and the Crouch brothers [Matt and Brad] - I don't think they would be that much help."

"But we've also started a bookclub at the club, believe it or not. With Dan Jackson coming in as the head of leadership and culture, he's been awesome and for the more academically-minded guys we've started a bookclub, for about four or five of us, so hopefully that grows."

O'Brien, who enjoyed a breakout season in 2019, said it was critical the playing group remained connected during the lockdown.

"It's really important to stay connected and stay in touch with each other otherwise you can sort of drift away and feel so isolated doing all of the training by yourself," O'Brien said. "You'll then come back and have to do that jelling all over again.

"A lot of the guys miss being at the club, around your mates all day. It's a big change to being at home and not being allowed to leave much, so it's all been done to bring the group closer together."