AFL's highest profile fan threatens mass boycott

The AFL is facing the threat of a mass boycott over mixed messages surrounding what appears to be a crackdown on the behaviour of fans.

Infamous Collingwood super-fan Jeff "Joffa" Corfe says he will lead a charge to keep fans from attending AFL games until the league, specifically CEO Gillon McLachlan apologises to supporters.

Corfe's statement comes after the AFL issued a warning to a Carlton supporter who was removed from Marvel Stadium for use of the phrase "bald-headed flog".

The fan was ejected for allegedly directing the sledge at umpire Matthew Nicholls during the Round 12 match.

The AFL claims that there is no crackdown being directed from head office despite the league taking action against footy fans in several incidents this season.

In a statement on Facebook, Joffa said the AFL is going to need cardboard cut outs and and fake crowd noise unless the league issues and apology to fans.

"I won't attend another AFL game until Gill comes out and apologises to all supporters at the way we are being treated," Joffa wrote.

"Football is all about banter and fun booing and having a go at the umpiring. It's about us you and me. I have never sensed outrage in the Terraces as what we are seeing now.

"So AFL get your supporter cardboard cut outs to replace us, get your fake crowd noise over the loud speaker systems at all grounds to replace us. We are the game or at least we thought we were."