AFL Draft Wrap: Who stole the show, and what do the results mean?

Each week, AFL draft expert Chris Doerre casts his eye over the country's best junior footballers to give readers an early insight into the next generation of AFL stars.

As well as attending live games, Doerre pores through match vision, analyses the stats and talks to industry sources to ensure he can offer the most insightful draft analysis.

Aside from the weekly wraps, Doerre will also unveil his power rankings at the end of each month and as we get closer to November's national draft, Doerre will also predict who goes where with his annual phantom draft.

The annual AFL Draft Combine brought together 85 of this year's most desirable draft prospects. It's an opportunity for clubs to interview, observe, test and measure the draft eligible talent. The athletic and skill testing is looked at to show the progress of each prospect, with clubs holding data on most prospects dating back several years and to gain context into what they see on matchday.

Noteworthy combine results

The player garnering the greatest interest during the testing was Dandenong Stingrays premiership forward Sam Sturt. The potential top-20 selection is known for his attack on the ball aerially and has shown he can create separation on the lead. Sturt, who had no previous testing data, was a standout, placing first in the running vertical jump (right foot) and inside the top 10 in the 20m sprint and agility.

Potential top-five choice Izak Rankine, who routinely runs around opponents like they're traffic cones, unsurprisingly placed first in the agility and fourth in the 20m sprint. He also had top-10 finishes in the standing vertical jump and the goalkicking.

Showing his athletic prowess in games leaping for marks, chasing down opponents for key tackles, and providing run, the results of projected top-10 selection Connor Rozee were not surprising. He placed second in the 20m sprint, equal third in the running vertical jump (left foot) and had top-10 finishes in the standing vertical jump, agility and the running vertical jump (right foot).

Known for leaping over the top of opposition ruckmen and launching up at the ball inside 50m, Bailey Williams won the running vertical jump (left foot). Looking likely to feature inside the first half of the draft, the freakish athlete also placed inside the top-10 in the 20m sprint and standing vertical jump.

One of this year's most explosive midfielders who regularly accelerates away from the contest and has among the best skills in the draft, Xavier O'Halloran tested as expected. Projected to feature inside the first half of the draft, O'Halloran placed second in the agility and inside the top-10 in the yo-yo, kicking, 20m sprint and standing vertical jump.

Collingwood Next Generation Academy (NGA) member and tight-checking defender Isaac Quaynor surprisingly placed first in the goalkicking. The likely top-25 choice has a reputation for playing taller than his height. At 182cm, Quaynor performed as expected in the jumping tests, placing inside the top-10 in both the running vertical (on both the left and right tests) and the standing vertical jump.

With a developed reputation as one of the better kicks on both sides of his body, it was not surprising to see potential first-round choice Chayce Jones inside the top-10 in the kicking which tests a prospect's use on both sides of the body. The surprise from Jones was his second-place finish in both the running vertical jumps off both feet and top-10 places in the agility and standing vertical jump, which are not pronounced elements of his play on matchday.

One of the combine stars, Ely Smith placed first in the standing vertical jump and was also inside the top-10 for the kicking test, running vertical off his right and left, agility and the yo-yo test. Firming as a likely mid-draft selection, the results from Smith were a surprise as he is better known for his ball-winning capabilities than athleticism on matchday, only showing an occasional burst of speed from stoppages or beating opponents to loose balls.

Rebounding defender Will Hamill, who has built a reputation for his line-breaking pace and intercept marking, did his draft chances no harm with a strong combine after an impressive year for Dandenong. A prospect who may hear his name called in the second half of this year's draft, Hamill's results come as no surprise, placing inside the top-10 in the 20m sprint, running vertical jump left foot, agility, yo-yo and standing vertical jump.

Who didn't test?

Among those who did not to test were projected top-30 selections Nick Blakey (ankle), Zak Butters (shoulder), Jye Caldwell (hamstring), Ian Hill (shoulder) Max King (knee), Bailey Smith (achilles), Liam Stocker (shoulder) and Curtis Taylor (adductor). Tom Berry (knee), Kieran Briggs (knee), Jack Bytel (back), Tom Joyce (hip), Will Kelly (ankle), Jacob Koschitzke (hip), Shane McAdam (calf), Connor McFadyen (foot), Dillon O'Reilly (shin), Durak Tucker (knee) and Luke Valente (knee) were others unable to test.

Kyle Reid (hamstring), James Rowbottom (thigh) and Riley Grundy (knee) had some restrictions in what testing they could take part in.

Testing results Kicking test (score out of 30)
Tarryn Thomas 27
Xavier O'Neill 27
Matt McGannon 25
Ely Smith 24
Laithan Vandermeer
23 Jack Lukosius
23 Chayce Jones
22 Noah Answerth
22 Nicholas Baker
22 Xavier O'Halloran
22 James Blanck 22
Riley Grundy 22

Goalkicking test (score out of 30)
Isaac Quaynor 30
Keidean Coleman 25
Tarryn Thomas 25
Tom McKenzie 25
Mark Keane 25
Jack Lukosius 25
Izak Rankine 24
Jordan Morrisey 24
Angus Hanrahan 24

Standing vertical jump
Ely Smith - 77cm
Laitham Vandermeer - 72cm
Ben Jarvis - 72cm
Izak Rankine - 70cm
Irving Mosquito - 68cm
Bailey Scott - 68cm
Isaac Quaynor 67cm
Connor Rozee - 67cm
Buku Khamis - 67cm
Chayce Jones - 66cm
Will Hamill - 66cm
Charlie Sprague - 66cm
Xavier O'Halloran - 66cm
Rhylee West - 66cm
Riley Grundy - 66cm
Connor Idun - 66cm
Bailey Williams - 66cm

Running vertical jump (right foot)
Sam Sturt - 91cm
Chayce Jones - 85cm
Xavier Duursma - 83cm
Ely Smith - 82cm
Isaac Quaynor - 81cm
Riley Grundy - 81cm
Xavier O'Neill - 81cm
Connor Rozee - 79cm
Rhylee West - 79cm
Irving Mosquito - 78cm
Noah Answerth - 78cm

Running vertical jump (left foot)
Bailey Williams - 94cm
Chayce Jones - 91cm
Connor Rozee - 88cm
Laitham Vandermeer - 88cm
Ely Smith - 86cm
Isaac Quaynor - 86cm
Will Hamill - 86cm
Ben Jarvis - 86cm
Xavier O'Neill - 84cm
Zac Foot - 84cm
Jackson Hately - 84cm
Bailey Scott - 84cm

20m sprint
Tom McKenzie - 2.904 seconds
Connor Rozee - 2.91 seconds
Will Hamill - 2.914 seconds
Izak Rankine - 2.93 seconds
Connor Idun - 2.945 seconds
Bailey Williams - 2.946 seconds
Xavier O'Neill - 2.957
Xavier O'Halloran - 2.96 seconds
Ben King - 2.965 seconds
Sam Sturt - 2.966 seconds

Izak Rankine - 8.039 seconds
Xavier O'Halloran - 8.063 seconds
Rhylee West - 8.216 seconds
Will Hamill - 8.222 seconds
James Blanck - 8.258 seconds
Chayce Jones - 8.270 seconds
Ben Jarvis - 8.308 seconds
Connor Rozee - 8.326 seconds
Ely Smith - 8.328 seconds
Sam Sturt - 8.396 seconds

Yo-Yo test (endurance test that replaced the beep test at the 2017 AFL Draft Combine)
Ned McHenry - level 22.2
Sam Walsh - 22.1
Luke English - 22.1
Will Golds - 21.8
Xavier O'Halloran - 21.6
Oscar Brownless - 21.6
Will Hamill - 21.4
Ely Smith - 21.4
Jez McLennan - 21.4
Lachlan Sholl - 21.4
Fraser Turner - 21.4