Hinkley slams goal review but AFL backs decision

The AFL should be embarrassed by a "monumental mistake" that gifted Adelaide a controversial three-point win, Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley says.

However, the league has backed the goal review decision that decided a dramatic Showdown win for the Crows over the Power.

Adelaide forward Josh Jenkins said umpires erred by awarding him a match-winning goal in a nerve-jangling 13.18 (96) to 14.9 (93) win against Port on Saturday.

Jenkins' snap shot was given a goal -- the last of the game -- after a video review, handing the Crows the lead with two-and-a-half minutes remaining at Adelaide Oval.

"My grandma raised me not to tell fibs. I think it hit the post," Jenkins told Fox Sports.

Port boss Hinkley said the incorrect decision was a "massive failure by the AFL".

"The AFL, in a billion-dollar industry, can wreck seasons for football clubs that work too hard," Hinkley said.

"If I was the AFL, I would be embarrassed and disappointed."

The decision had immense ramifications: Adelaide remain in the finals race while Port slip from the top four - by round's end, they could drop outside the eight.

"(The AFL) will come out and say they got it wrong," Hinkley said.

"But the technology should change that. The technology should have made sure that this monumental mistake in a football season should not have appeared.

"There's a major failure by the AFL tonight. Major failure."

However, later that night the AFL released a statement which defended the decision.

"The AFL advises this was the process below that was followed for the Official Score Review late in the fourth quarter of the round 20 match between the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide, played at Adelaide Oval earlier this evening," the statement read.

"After the Josh Jenkins (Adelaide Crows) shot at goal late in the fourth quarter, the goal umpire called for a score review and gave his preliminary decision as a goal. After reviewing all relevant angles for 23 seconds, the score review official determined there was no clear evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the preliminary call of goal was incorrect, and hence a goal was confirmed.

"It is the AFL determination that after accessing all relevant vision this evening, it supported the decision of the reviewer to confirm the goal umpire's decision of a goal, with no clear evidence beyond reasonable doubt to make an over-rule."

Adelaide coach Don Pyke maintained he wasn't watching the video review process.

"When you win by under a goal, I always say there's a bit of luck involved ... but you take it when you get it," Pyke said.

Hinkley stressed the Crows deserved to win - Adelaide had eight more scoring shots, 22 more inside 50s and led most key statistics.

But he pointedly said the controversy came as the AFL considered rule changes for next season.

"The amount of time that is getting spent on rule changes - and we have had 24 hours of wonderful football, haven't we," Hinkley said,

"There should be a lot more time spent in moments that are significant to outcomes and can put a season like ours (in jeopardy).

"We have been really strong all year and we have still got a great opportunity.

"But to lose that one, that way ... I don't want to be seen as a sore loser but in an industry that is about getting it right, we didn't get it right."

Hinkley said there was no point seeking an apology from the AFL.

"What for? What are they going to say, 'Sorry, we got it wrong you now sit seventh'?

"They will (admit to the mistake) but they have got no consequence, they have absolutely got no consequence."