ODI Overhaul

Part of the ODI crew chillin, Chris Gille, Raul Ruiz and Ratima Jackson. 

ODI grips have done a complete makeover to their BMX program over the past couple years and it's certainly has paid off. Starting with the re-vamp of the team, they dropped some sweet web videos that ended up getting a lot of attention and they don't seem to be slowing down. Just the other day, they made some more much need changes and launched a new website, some product as well some other new info about the team that you can read about right here. (Words by: Larry Alvarado)

EXPN: You guys just launched a new website, is it for the freestyle end of ODI only? Tell us about it.

ODI: Haha! Nah, we at ODI respect all bike riders. Seriously though, we have made the website for all our styles of bike riding and this includes street bike, motorcross, and water sports. We are going to focus on a section for the freestyle/street team as well which will be blog style. Our goal was to finally update our site frequently.

We have now hired Kevin to be our inside web dud which he is doing an awesome job. We are going to add content all the time to keep him busy which will include, web videos, photos, new product and we will be even listing all the events that we will have presence, whether it's sponsored riders, sponsorship of the event or setting up a booth.

Some of the cool things on the site now are that it features a shopping cart where you can buy ODI grips including the Limited Edition Lime Green grips and any more that come out. It makes it an easy place for people to buy what local shops do not carry. We want to encourage you guys to buy from your local shop but we also want to help out the dudes that don't have a shop near them. With that said, the other cool thing about the site is that it allows you to customize your order when you purchase ODI's patented lock-On grips. With nine colors to choose from, ODI is encouraging to let the colors fly.

EXPN: Is anything changing with the team then?

ODI: Yeah, actually there is. We have been helping out Chris Gille, Raul Ruiz and Alex Raban on the flow team for some time now and we have decided to welcome them to the full team. They are the funniest (sorry for making up words) guys to be around, off and on our bikes. Thanks guys for all your support and keep gripping those bars! Another thing is that we are planning on helping out some more friends in the near future. Also we want to help out more BMX supportive shops, and we will be doing some shop sponsorship at local shops across the country. So if you have a dope shop near you keep going in there and encourage your friends to as well and we might be hooking YOU up soon.

EXPN: Is there any new product coming out then, or signature rider grips or anything?
ODI: Yeah, we are exited to be recycling more, we are not tree huggers but, we do like to breath clean air and hate the smell of land fills, haha!. So we have a newly designed packing that will be made out of recycled grips, and include an ODI key chain that will be made out of the packaging. This will decrease the amount of package you throw away. Another thing is that we have a newly designed Push-In bar plugs that is also made out of recycled grips that is included with all single ply grips. We will also have the new bar end design in all the grip colors that we manufacture. These will be sold separately and will be made out of a more durable compound than the oem bar ends that come with the grips. As far as signature grips, we are going to be doing some of those as well. But as far as who is going to have some, you are going to have to wait and see. There are going to be some more clothing from as well, they will include T-shirts, hoodies and Hats (since I always hear one, haha).

EXPN: What are some other plans or future ideas ODI has in the works?
ODI: We have been talking about making a Team video as well. Which I think is a great idea, but I will have to wait for that to develop a bit more. There are plans to be advertising more and making more free online videos to entertain you guys a bit. But in general we just plan on riding!

EXPN: Are you guys going to have a booth at Interbike this year?
ODI: Of course we are going to be there and we will have some of our team bikes on display and our friends chilling there all week. We will also have our entire new product on display to touch and grip. So come by the booth and say what's up, we always enjoy kicking it with new people. Also, if you work at a shop, cruise by and we can chat and maybe hook one of your homies up.

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