Woodward would struggle in football - Campese

David Campese believes Sir Clive Woodward would find it difficult to break the culture of putting club before country if he moves into football.

Woodward will give his reasons for leaving his job as head coach of the World Cup winners at a press conference at Twickenham later this morning.

However Campese, one of the rugby's most flamboyant players on and off the field, doubts Woodward fully understands the "history and mentality" of football.

He told BBC Radio Five Live: "A move to football would be difficult. In rugby money has been an issue since the game became professional, but in football it is all they think about. Players are also more interested in playing for their clubs and in the FA Cup than playing for their country. You have to understand the history and mentality of football and I'm not sure it is that easy to do."

Campese pointed out in rugby union the national team is all important. The former winger also believes "the writing has been on the wall" for Woodward with so many of his players retiring since last year's World Cup triumph in Australia.

"Losing Martin Johnson was a huge blow," he said. "Johnno was not only a great player but a great leader. Clive has been through the hard yards and he did a great job but once he started to lose players to retirement the writing was on the wall."

He added: "Football is a very demanding job. Clive probably wants to be more like a manager than a coach. He has done the hard work."