Campese slams Woodward

Former Australia star David Campese, who is never short of a word or two especially when it comes to criticising England, has done it again - this time launching a scathing attack on Clive Woodward.

"I really think you should have changed coaches last year," the former Wallaby wing told BBC Radio Five Live.

"The same style of play has been happening for a couple of years. It's the same as in Australia. The Australian rugby side has been playing the same pattern of rugby that we did four years ago when we won the World Cup.

"History has shown from 1991-95 that we dominated the game for four years but come 1995 our rugby wasn't working. So things move along and change."

"England have been very good in certain areas but you lose Jonny Wilkinson and you've got a big problem," he added.

"He does everything, he does all the work and he's a fantastic asset but they don't protect the guy. You go into a World Cup and you get four injuries and he's one and things change.

"If I was opposite him I'd target him. Why not? England are playing good rugby at the moment but what happens in six months time? The World Cup will say if they are a great side."