No idea how sex videos released: Napa

Napa: I wish it wasn't me, but it is (0:36)

Dylan Napa says the leaked videos are an unfortunate situation that he wishes hadn't happened. (0:36)

Star Canterbury recruit Dylan Napa says he has no idea how explicit videos involving him were made public as he awaits any penalty from the NRL.

League boss Todd Greenberg has flagged sanctions for the Queensland forward for the two videos, which were recorded five years ago but uploaded to the internet last month.

Fronting the media for the first time since their release, on Wednesday, Napa said he was unable to comment on the videos as the investigation by the NRL integrity unit was continuing.

However he said he didn't lose his phone, as speculated, and had no idea who leaked the lewd material.

The 26-year-old said he was "embarrassed" by the videos and was nervous about fronting his 92-year-old grandmother after their release.

He said his family and the Bulldogs had been nothing but supportive during some "dark days".

"I've had some days which were weren't so pleasant but lucky I've had plenty of support from my family and also my Bulldogs family here.

"There was some dark days."

Napa said while he wished it wasn't him, he hoped the experience could be a warning for other young league players.


Napa recognises there could be more videos

Dylan Napa says he would not be surprised if there were more videos of this nature leaked.

"It's not the ideal situation but if it means it helps another one of the boys or someone else playing professional sport not to make the same mistake, that will be a good outcome."

Napa said he arrived at the Bulldogs from the Sydney Roosters intent on being a leader among less experienced players but the videos had damaged that.

"I obviously wanted to set good examples and be a good role model for the young squad and it didn't go to plan," he said.

"It all got flipped on its head when this happened so I'm just looking to put it all behind me so I can put all my energy and focus on football which is I came here for."

He said he preferred the investigation was wrapped up as soon as possible.

"I don't want to stand in front of these cameras again unless it's something for a good thing, not something silly I did when I was 20."