A brief history of head coaches who backed out of new gigs

Colts in a 'very difficult predicament' with McDaniels news (1:08)

With Josh McDaniels spurning the Colts to stay on as offensive coordinator with the Patriots, Adam Schefter discusses the tough spot Indianapolis is in after having signed assistant coaches and needing to start over in its search for a head coach. (1:08)

After agreeing to terms to become the Indianapolis Colts' next head coach, Josh McDaniels decided to return to the New England Patriots as offensive coordinator.

McDaniels is far from the first coach -- across sports -- to have a change of heart. Here are a few other notable coaches who have backed out of jobs:


Bill Belichick resigned as the New York Jets head coach on Jan. 4, 2000, just 24 hours after he was hired to replace Bill Parcells. Three weeks later, Belichick accepted the job as the Patriots' head coach.

Bill Parcells also spurned a team -- not once, but twice. He jilted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after he was expected to become their head coach in 1991 and again in 2002.

The Chicago Bears called a media conference to announce the hiring of Dave McGinnis as their head coach in 1999. The only problem was McGinnis had never officially accepted the position. The media conference was postponed and McGinnis, infuriated, turned down the offer. He eventually became a head coach, with the Arizona Cardinals (2000-03.)

College football

The current Alabama dynasty might never have existed if not for Rich Rodriguez turning down the Crimson Tide in 2006. Then the head coach at West Virginia, Rodriguez rejected Alabama's offer, and the school turned to Nick Saban, who left the Dolphins after a two-year stint.

Jim Grobe backed out of the head-coaching job to return to Wake Forest in 2007.


Creighton basketball head coach Dana Altman accepted the 2007 opening in Arkansas, only to change his mind and return a day later. He left Creighton for Oregon in 2010.

Also in 2007, Billy Donovan had accepted the Orlando Magic job months after winning his second of back-to-back national championships with Florida. He returned the the Gators days after being introduced as the Magic head coach. Donovan eventually returned to the NBA with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2015.

Texas Tech's Chris Beard left UNLV in 2016, three weeks after taking the job. He had spent 10 years as an assistant coach with the Red Raiders (2001-11) and returned as the head coach when Tubby Smith left for Memphis.