Kings boss Gaze slams NBL broadcast policy

NBL legend Andrew Gaze has taken a shot at the league's broadcasting arrangements after he was captured using offensive language in a timeout on Thursday night.

The Sydney Kings coach used his post-game press conference to apologise for the remarks going to air, but said he had no way of knowing he was being broadcast.

"I said something that was private, that was in the context of our huddle and that was inappropriate for the public to hear," Gaze said.

"Unfortunately this league has a policy of going in there without telling us.

"I don't know when. In the emotion of things, you might say things. But I would like to apologise for what was said.

"I think its grossly unfair what they do to the coaches in those circumstances. If they've got to do it, OK put a sign up, put a red light up and say 'you're on' and then it's on us.

"But if I don't know when it's on or off that's when I'm embarrassed for myself and it shouldn't happen, so it's really, really disappointing."

Although the Kings had a comfortable 81-70 win against the Cairns Taipans, the visitors had to fight hard for victory at the Cairns Convention Centre.

Gaze said he hoped the public understood and accepted his apology.

"People don't want to see that, they don't want to hear that, they shouldn't have to hear that," he said.

"It's upsetting for me that people have to hear that and it's a real shame that that's the way (the NBL) treat us.

"But if that's the world we live in then at the very least put a sign up and say 'you're on' so it gives us a small chance of controlling ourselves and not having to go through a situation where I deeply apologise for what was said. We do our best to sell this game."

Gaze said he was largely happy with his group which has just won five in a row to edge towards the top of the NBL table.

The Kings return to their home court this Sunday to face rivals Melbourne United.

"They are the team to beat for the title," Gaze said.

"They are the defending champions, they've beaten us twice, they've got a lot of talent.

"We are at home, we're going to have a big crowd and its exciting. We are really looking forward to the game."

After a tough fortnight of basketball involving travel all around the continent and across the ditch in New Zealand, Gaze said the key to winning was to stay healthy.

"Right now for us it's about recovery," he said.

"I think the guys are really excited about this opportunity. (Melbourne) are an elite defensive team, have got some huge offensive options and there will be mouth-watering matchups from a fan's perspective that you want to see."