NBA: How to watch the playoffs on ESPN

Woj: A lot at stake for OKC in 1st round vs Trail Blazers (1:08)

Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe examine the Thunder's 1st round matchup against the Blazers and how much is on the line for Russell Westbrook. (1:08)

Playoff are finally here, and so is your guide to watching the best of the postseason on ESPN and ESPN2.

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Broadcast Schedule (AEDT)

Sunday 14th April

10.15am ESPN Clippers v.s Warriors (Game 1)

12.30pm ESPN Spurs vs. Nuggets (Game 1)

Monday 15th April

9.00am ESPN2 Piston vs. Bucks (Game 1)

Tuesday 16th April

10.00am ESPN2 Nets vs. 76ers (Game 2)

Wednesday 17th April

11.00am ESPN Spurs vs. Nuggets (Game 2)

Thursday 18th April

11.30am Rockets vs. Jazz (Game 2)

Friday 19th April

10.00am ESPN 76ers vs. Nets (Game 3)

12.30pm ESPN Warriors vs. Clippers (Game 3)

Saturday 20th April

9.00am ESPN Raptors vs. Magic (Game 3)

11.30am ESPN Trail Blazers vs. Thunder (Game 3)