On The Come Up

P-Rod Gets Primitive Courtesy Primitive Skate Shop

There's no doubt at all that Paul Rodriguez came up big this summer. He not only snatched first place at the AST Dew Tour, he won 100 G's at the first ever Maloof Money Cup. With more money to spare than Lil' Wayne, P-Rod put the $10,000 bottles of champagne on hold and went the route of the Pro-skater owned skateshop. P-Rod went ahead and opened Primitive, a skateshop/boutique that's in Encino, California. Stop by, pick up some limited edition Nike's and possibly even catch a glimpse of Paul and his sexually attractive girlfriend, Rainbow.

While Paul adds business owner to his pro skater title, his teammate and homeboy, Jereme Rogers, has now added "rapper," to his list of endeavors. It appears as if Jereme, who is going by the rap name, "JR," has already unleashed a bunch of tracks available for listen over at his MySpace page. Jeez...things are getting weird. Don't you think? Jereme, for the love of all things holy, let's put that shotgun on safety, shall we?

While "the collaboration" or "collabo," has been an ongoing instrument of sales, as well as original designs for a long-ass time now, to my knowledge there has yet to be such a thing such as, "the triple collabo." That is, until now. The Hawaiian skate, apparrel and retail name, In4mation has teamed up with both Diamond Supply and Gravis to create this buttery as f*&K travel bag. Big enough for three brands logos, and big enough for extended visits. Get one before they're all out.