CIMB Classic

  • October 12 - 15, 2017
  • TPC Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
  • Par 71
    Yards 6,246
  • Purse $7,000,000
    Defending Champion Pat Perez


1-Pat PerezP. Perez-24-3F66656469264$1,260,000.00500-
22Keegan BradleyK. Bradley-20-5F65716567268$756,000.00300-
T31Xander SchauffeleX. Schauffele-17EF65676772271$406,000.00163-
T3-Sung-hoon KangS. Kang-17-1F67686571271$406,000.00163-
T510Cameron SmithC. Smith-16-8F64717364272$266,000.00105-
T51Hideki MatsuyamaH. Matsuyama-16-1F70686371272$266,000.00105-
T714Paul CaseyP. Casey-14-7F77636965274$218,166.6785-
T72Lucas GloverL. Glover-14-4F71676868274$218,166.6685-
T72Danny LeeD. Lee-14-4F73656868274$218,166.6785-
T101Rafael Cabrera BelloR. Cabrera Bello-13-3F67706969275$175,000.0070-
T101Peter UihleinP. Uihlein-13-3F73686569275$175,000.0070-
T104Anirban LahiriA. Lahiri-13-1F67736471275$175,000.0070-
T1317Nick TaylorN. Taylor-12-7F70746765276$131,250.0056-
T132Brendan SteeleB. Steele-12-4F67717068276$131,250.0056-
T132Luke ListL. List-12-4F70706868276$131,250.0056-
T13-Stewart CinkS. Cink-12-3F72686769276$131,250.0056-
T1713Chez ReavieC. Reavie-11-6F68746966277$101,500.0048-
T177Camilo VillegasC. Villegas-11-5F72687067277$101,500.0048-
T177Justin ThomasJ. Thomas-11-5F70716967277$101,500.0048-
T174C.T. PanC.T. Pan-11-4F70706968277$101,500.0048-
T216Kyle StanleyK. Stanley-10-2F71677070278$81,200.0042-
T216David LipskyD. Lipsky-10-2F69716870278$81,200.000-
T237Scott BrownS. Brown-9-4F70697268279$62,300.0036-
T237Patrick RodgersP. Rodgers-9-4F70736868279$62,300.0036-
T2321Morgan HoffmannM. Hoffmann-9-6F70727166279$62,300.0036-
T232Harold Varner, IIIH. Varner, III-9-2F72677070279$62,300.0036-
T2316Ollie SchniederjansO. Schniederjans-9+2F72686574279$62,300.0036-
T2810Davis Love IIID. Love III-8-4F67737268280$48,650.0029-
T282James HahnJ. Hahn-8-3F72716869280$48,650.0029-
T284Michael KimM. Kim-8-2F68707270280$48,650.0029-
T2815Gary WoodlandG. Woodland-8+1F66736873280$48,650.0029-
T326Cody GribbleC. Gribble-7-3F77686769281$37,900.0021-
T322Ben CraneB. Crane-7-2F70717070281$37,900.0021-
T322Kevin TwayK. Tway-7-2F74677070281$37,900.0021-
T328Branden GraceB. Grace-7-1F72677171281$37,900.0021-
T328Jamie LovemarkJ. Lovemark-7-1F70707071281$37,900.0021-
T328Wesley BryanW. Bryan-7-1F71687171281$37,900.0021-
T3228Martin FloresM. Flores-7-7F72766865281$37,900.0021-
T395Phachara KhongwatmaiP. Khongwatmai-6-3F67757169282$28,700.000-
T3912Scott StallingsS. Stallings-6-4F73697268282$28,700.0015-
T3912Whee KimW. Kim-6-4F68757168282$28,700.0015-
T3924Jhonattan VegasJ. Vegas-6+2F72706674282$28,700.0015-
T3932Jazz JanewattananondJ. Janewattananond-6+5F70696677282$28,700.000-
T446Prayad MarksaengP. Marksaeng-5-1F72716971283$22,400.000-
T4414Poom SaksansinP. Saksansin-5EF65747272283$22,400.000-
T446Thomas PietersT. Pieters-5-1F68677771283$22,400.0011-
T447Kevin NaK. Na-5-3F66737569283$22,400.0011-
T484Charl SchwartzelC. Schwartzel-4-1F70717271284$18,340.009-
T484Kelly KraftK. Kraft-4-1F70717271284$18,340.009-
T488Li HaoTongL. HaoTong-4-3F72746969284$18,340.000-
T517Richard LeeR. Lee-3EF73707072285$16,846.670-
T51-Charles Howell IIIC. Howell III-3-1F72727071285$16,846.678-
T51-Adam HadwinA. Hadwin-3-1F71677671285$16,846.668-
T5416Colt KnostC. Knost-2+2F71726974286$16,030.006-
T5416Graham DeLaetG. DeLaet-2+2F77676874286$16,030.006-
T548Hudson SwaffordH. Swafford-2-3F68787169286$16,030.006-
T5415Emiliano GrilloE. Grillo-2-5F73727467286$16,030.006-
T582Juvic PagunsanJ. Pagunsan-1EF73727072287$15,540.000-
T584Ian PoulterI. Poulter-1-2F69747470287$15,540.005-
T588Chad CampbellC. Campbell-1-3F78746669287$15,540.005-
T6117Jim HermanJ. HermanE+3F69776775288$15,190.005-
T6117Gavin Kyle GreenG. Kyle GreenE+3F73716975288$15,190.000-
T637Scott PiercyS. Piercy+1+2F71737174289$14,770.004-
T631Danny ChiaD. Chia+1EF70757272289$14,770.000-
T633Richy WerenskiR. Werenski+1-1F72737371289$14,770.004-
T636Russell KnoxR. Knox+1-2F74747170289$14,770.004-
6711Bud CauleyB. Cauley+2+3F77687075290$14,420.004-
686SSP ChawrasiaS. Chawrasia+4+3F72717475292$14,280.000-
T699Robert StrebR. Streb+5+5F76707077293$14,000.003-
T693Rod PamplingR. Pampling+5+1F72717773293$14,000.003-
T693Grayson MurrayG. Murray+5+1F82746473293$14,000.003-
T72-Scott HendS. Hend+6+2F77737074294$13,650.000-
T724Jonas BlixtJ. Blixt+6+1F69747873294$13,650.003-
748Jason DufnerJ. Dufner+7+5F71717677295$13,440.003-
756Chris StroudC. Stroud+9+6F72727578297$13,300.003-
764Nicholas FungN. Fung+11+7F72737579299$13,160.000-
77-Si Woo KimS. Woo Kim+12+3F74787375300$13,020.002-
78-D.A. PointsD.A. Points+18+4F76797576306$12,880.002-


Bob Harig @BobHarig

Stenson and DeChambeau off at 1:55 p.m. on Saturday. Tiger with Justin Rose at 12:15 p.m. Ernie and Rory at 1:05 p.m.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Former champion Robert Gamez gets this week's, "what happened to the first guy?" Gamez Thursday shot a respectable even par 72 but followed that up Friday with a 10 over par 82.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Last Saturday night I asked Tiger Woods who the most special text message could come from, "Sam." He smiled after a thoughtful pause. Today he was asked about the kids appreciating what he's doing now and Tiger said, "... I was surprised on Monday when I picked them up from school how much they recounted. It was pretty neat... this is pretty neat for me to be able to experience this with them."

Jim Witalka ESPN Producer 

After a 40-minute plus post-round session on the range, Woods stopped to sign a few autographs to end his day.

Jim Witalka ESPN Producer 

After admitting he wasn't as sharp as he needed to be, Tiger's Friday at Bay Hill ended on the range, with a lengthy session of irons and woods


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

One of the reasons scoring doesn't seem to be as good Friday is because the course is getting baked out. Temperatures projected into the 80's over the weekend, a nice drink of water is exactly what this course needs. (10th fairway as the last group played the 11th hole)

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

The 11th and 15th holes share a tee box. When the Tiger Woods group goes thru, your group yields! Sorry boys, it's gonna be a minute.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Bogeys at the 1st and 9th holes were the bookend for seven pars and not a lot of great golf over the first 9 holes at Bay Hill for Tiger Woods. He hit just 4 fairways and 4 greens and the 14 putts didn't include one from the fringe at the 9th, where he hit a poor approach from 150 yards. The result a 2-over- 38 and dropping back to -2, 9 shots out of the lead.

Buster Olney @Buster_ESPN

Lipscomb in its first NCAA tournament game -- as a No. 15 seed vs. North Carolina. And early, it's very interesting.