Sanderson Farms Championship

  • October 26 - 29, 2017
  • CC of Jackson - Jackson, MS
  • Par 72
    Yards 7,421
  • Purse $4,300,000
    Defending Champion Ryan Armour


1-Ryan ArmourR. Armour-19-4F66686768269$774,000.00300-
2-Chesson HadleyC. Hadley-14-4F68706868274$464,400.00165-
36Jonathan RandolphJ. Randolph-12-5F69697167276$292,400.00105-
T412Smylie KaufmanS. Kaufman-10-4F67727168278$177,733.3468-
T44Brian StuardB. Stuard-10-2F67707170278$177,733.3368-
T41Scott StrohmeyerS. Strohmeyer-10-1F72676871278$177,733.330-
T725Jason KokrakJ. Kokrak-9-5F69707367279$134,016.6750-
T72Nicholas LindheimN. Lindheim-9-2F70677270279$134,016.6750-
T74Benjamin SilvermanB. Silverman-9EF68706972279$134,016.6650-
T1022Patton KizzireP. Kizzire-8-4F71726968280$92,142.8634-
T1033Ricky BarnesR. Barnes-8-6F69707566280$92,142.8634-
T1013Derek FathauerD. Fathauer-8-3F67717369280$92,142.8634-
T1013Kevin StreelmanK. Streelman-8-3F71697169280$92,142.8634-
T106Shawn StefaniS. Stefani-8-2F72716770280$92,142.8634-
T107Vaughn TaylorV. Taylor-8+1F70667173280$92,142.8534-
T107Beau HosslerB. Hossler-8+1F69696973280$92,142.8534-
1715Wyndham ClarkW. Clark-7-3F66717569281$68,800.000-
T1825Brandon HagyB. Hagy-6-4F71717268282$52,337.1526-
T185Rob OppenheimR. Oppenheim-6-1F70717071282$52,337.1526-
T182Hunter MahanH. Mahan-6EF70716972282$52,337.1426-
T182Tom LoveladyT. Lovelady-6EF71697072282$52,337.1426-
T189Zac BlairZ. Blair-6+1F68707173282$52,337.1426-
T189Brian GayB. Gay-6+1F72696873282$52,337.1426-
T1815Seamus PowerS. Power-6+3F68687175282$52,337.1426-
T257Aaron WiseA. Wise-5-1F68747071283$33,540.0020-
T252William McGirtW. McGirt-5EF70717072283$33,540.0020-
T2516Tyrone van AswegenT. van Aswegen-5+2F70657474283$33,540.0020-
T2516Billy Hurley IIIB. Hurley III-5+2F72686974283$33,540.0020-
T2516Austin CookA. Cook-5+2F72677074283$33,540.0020-
T307Aaron BaddeleyA. Baddeley-4+1F69687473284$27,305.0016-
T307Ethan TracyE. Tracy-4+1F70717073284$27,305.0016-
T3013Talor GoochT. Gooch-4-2F71717270284$27,305.0016-
T3014Dru LoveD. Love-4+2F71677274284$27,305.000-
T342J.J. SpaunJ.J. Spaun-3+1F66757173285$20,353.3411-
T3411Eric AxleyE. Axley-3+2F68717274285$20,353.3411-
T3411Andrew PutnamA. Putnam-3+2F68737074285$20,353.3311-
T3411Peter MalnatiP. Malnati-3+2F67747074285$20,353.3411-
T349Cameron PercyC. Percy-3-1F69747171285$20,353.3311-
T3418Johnson WagnerJ. Wagner-3+3F69707175285$20,353.3311-
T3424Angel CabreraA. Cabrera-3-3F70727469285$20,353.3311-
T3424Derek ErnstD. Ernst-3-3F72707469285$20,353.3311-
T3438Chris KirkC. Kirk-3-5F70727667285$20,353.3311-
T433Ben CraneB. Crane-2+1F70717273286$13,093.506-
T4311Martin PillerM. Piller-2+2F71717074286$13,093.506-
T43-Sam BurnsS. Burns-2EF69737272286$13,093.500-
T43-Brice GarnettB. Garnett-2EF72717172286$13,093.506-
T43-Adam SchenkA. Schenk-2EF71727172286$13,093.506-
T4311Brett StegmaierB. Stegmaier-2-1F71727271286$13,093.506-
T4315Scott StallingsS. Stallings-2-2F71717470286$13,093.506-
T4315George McNeillG. McNeill-2-2F71727370286$13,093.506-
T5111Joel DahmenJ. Dahmen-1+2F70707374287$10,449.005-
T518Stephan JaegerS. Jaeger-1+1F72697373287$10,449.005-
T5313Cameron TringaleC. TringaleE+3F71727075288$9,861.344-
T5321Tim HerronT. HerronE+4F73667376288$9,861.344-
T531JT PostonJ. PostonE+1F69747273288$9,861.334-
T5337Taylor MooreT. MooreE+6F69717078288$9,861.330-
T5316Matt EveryM. EveryE-1F74697471288$9,861.334-
T5316David SkinnsD. SkinnsE-1F70737471288$9,861.330-
T5927David HearnD. Hearn+1+5F68707477289$9,331.003-
T5916Andrew LandryA. Landry+1+3F66747475289$9,331.003-
T595Spencer LevinS. Levin+1+2F69707674289$9,331.000-
T591Conrad ShindlerC. Shindler+1+1F66757573289$9,331.003-
T591Stuart ApplebyS. Appleby+1+1F70717573289$9,331.003-
T591Ben MartinB. Martin+1+1F70727473289$9,331.003-
T6511Matt AtkinsM. Atkins+2+3F69737375290$8,944.002-
T657Nicholas ThompsonN. Thompson+2+2F71717474290$8,944.000-
T654Corey ConnersC. Conners+2+1F72717473290$8,944.002-
T6825Abraham AncerA. Ancer+3+5F70717377291$8,686.002-
T6825Grady Brame Jr.G. Brame Jr.+3+5F72677577291$8,686.000-
T6810Greg ChalmersG. Chalmers+3+3F69717675291$8,686.002-
7113Omar UrestiO. Uresti+4+4F72697576292$8,514.002-
T7214Daniel SummerhaysD. Summerhays+6+6F73697478294$8,385.002-
T722Fabian GomezF. Gomez+6+2F71727774294$8,385.002-
T741John RollinsJ. Rollins+8+5F69727877296$8,213.002-
T74-Steve WheatcroftS. Wheatcroft+8+4F71727776296$8,213.002-
--Charlie WiC. WiCUT-CUT7569----144$00-
--D.J. TrahanD.J. TrahanCUT-CUT7173----144$00-
--Davis Love IIID. Love IIICUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--Robert AllenbyR. AllenbyCUT-CUT7569----144$00-
--Tyler DuncanT. DuncanCUT-CUT7668----144$00-
--Blayne BarberB. BarberCUT-CUT7668----144$00-
--Dicky PrideD. PrideCUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--Lanto GriffinL. GriffinCUT-CUT7074----144$00-
--Jimmy StangerJ. StangerCUT-CUT7371----144$00-
--Matt JonesM. JonesCUT-CUT7074----144$00-
--Cody GribbleC. GribbleCUT-CUT7569----144$00-
--Sam RyderS. RyderCUT-CUT7273----145$00-
--Tommy GaineyT. GaineyCUT-CUT7372----145$00-
--Denny McCarthyD. McCarthyCUT-CUT7471----145$00-
--Derek BardD. BardCUT-CUT7075----145$00-
--Jonathan ByrdJ. ByrdCUT-CUT7372----145$00-
--Nyasha MauchazaN. MauchazaCUT-CUT7273----145$00-
--Ryan BlaumR. BlaumCUT-CUT7174----145$00-
--Retief GoosenR. GoosenCUT-CUT7471----145$00-
--Nate LashleyN. LashleyCUT-CUT7274----146$00-
--John HuhJ. HuhCUT-CUT7175----146$00-
--Roberto DiazR. DiazCUT-CUT7373----146$00-
--Harris EnglishH. EnglishCUT-CUT7670----146$00-
--Richard JohnsonR. JohnsonCUT-CUT7373----146$00-
--Ben WolcottB. WolcottCUT-CUT7473----147$00-
--Craig BarlowC. BarlowCUT-CUT7275----147$00-
--Brendon de JongeB. de JongeCUT-CUT7770----147$00-
--Keith MitchellK. MitchellCUT-CUT7473----147$00-
--Troy MattesonT. MattesonCUT-CUT7374----147$00-
--Mark WilsonM. WilsonCUT-CUT7176----147$00-
--Steven BowditchS. BowditchCUT-CUT7573----148$00-
--Ted Potter Jr.T. Potter Jr.CUT-CUT7474----148$00-
--Troy MerrittT. MerrittCUT-CUT7474----148$00-
--John MerrickJ. MerrickCUT-CUT7276----148$00-
--Tom HogeT. HogeCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--Shaun MicheelS. MicheelCUT-CUT8069----149$00-
--Ken DukeK. DukeCUT-CUT7772----149$00-
--Phil SchmittP. SchmittCUT-CUT7673----149$00-
--Brendon ToddB. ToddCUT-CUT7673----149$00-
--Kyle ThompsonK. ThompsonCUT-CUT7574----149$00-
--Arjun AtwalA. AtwalCUT-CUT7476----150$00-
--Parker McLachlinP. McLachlinCUT-CUT7575----150$00-
--Brian DavisB. DavisCUT-CUT7872----150$00-
--Andrew YunA. YunCUT-CUT7280----152$00-
--Robert GarrigusR. GarrigusCUT-CUT7676----152$00-
--Heath SlocumH. SlocumCUT-CUT7676----152$00-
--Rick LambR. LambCUT-CUT7676----152$00-
--Brandon HarkinsB. HarkinsCUT-CUT7478----152$00-
--Carl PetterssonC. PetterssonCUT-CUT7875----153$00-
--Richy WerenskiR. WerenskiCUT-CUT7380----153$00-
--Ross BellR. BellCUT-CUT7876----154$00-
--Trey MullinaxT. MullinaxWD-WD73------73$00-
--Jason BohnJ. BohnWD-WD73------73$00-
--Bronson BurgoonB. BurgoonWD-WD74------74$00-
--Alex CejkaA. CejkaDQ-DQ7273----145$00-
--Mark HensbyM. HensbyDQ-DQ78------78$00-
999-J.J. HenryJ.J. Henry-1-MDF7370----143$00-


Corey Pronman @coreypronman

With a 3 point night, TBL prospect Mathieu Joseph is 4th among all AHL rookies in scoring. He's also 2nd in shots on goal among AHL rookies.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

It's interesting to hear Bryson DeChambeau explain why even after having won a tournament, he's still gonna be learning on Sunday trying to while win.


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

It's hard not to root for Bryson DeChambeau when you hear how self aware he is of his situation. He'll be in the final group Sunday one shot back of Henrik Stenson.


Bob Harig @BobHarig

Sunday tee times: Stenson-DeChambeau 2:20 p.m. Rose-McIlroy 2:10 Hoffman-Moore 2:00 Fowler-Gooch 1:50 Murray-An 1:40 Woods-Cauley 1:30

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Justin Rose explains how the course has changed throughout the week, how wedges are EASIER with form greens, and what he's gotta do Sunday to win!


Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Henrik Stenson owns the 54-hole lead, as the API board looks spectacularly major-ish entering the final round.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Arnold Palmer leaderboard: Stenson -12 DeChambeau -11 McIlroy -10 Rose -9 Moore -9 Fowler, Hoffman, Gooch -8 Tiger among 4 at -7

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy's 67 put him in final-round contention on the PGA Tour for the first time this year. "I started the day just outside the top-10 and wanted to at least give myself a chance going into tomorrow,'' he said. "So it was a great day out there. I can't really ask for much more.'' McIlroy is 2 strokes back of Henrik Stenson.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

From +4 to beating Tiger Woods! Justin Rose shows no fear being paired with Tiger today and could have just as easily missed the cut. U.S. Ryder Cup team take note...


Bob Harig @BobHarig

Rory McIlroy's 67 is his best round in five tournaments this year on the PGA Tour (doesn't include 2 tournaments in the Middle East)

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

The shot Tiger Woods hit on the 16th hole Saturday is an example of how far he has come. He had 205 yards from a bunker on the par-5 hole with the lip having him consider laying up. But after plenty of pondering, he decided on a 5-iron and hit the shot way up into the air and over the flag. He two-putted for birdie. "I had t flush it to get it there,'' Woods said. "And I pulled it off.''

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Tiger Woods had a few autograph requests after the round.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Tiger Woods, THAT'S the way to finish! Birdie at the 18th hole puts Tiger -7 going into Sunday. A Saturday 69 (-3) should keep Woods just within range of the leaders to have a chance to win come Sunday.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Intimidated by Tiger Woods?! Not Justin Rose. He's -5 on the day, -9 for the tournament and tied for 4th only two strokes behind the lead! European Ryder Cup captain Thomas Bjorn is secretly smiling.