Waste Management Phoenix Open

  • February 1 - 4, 2018
  • TPC Scottsdale - Scottsdale, AZ
  • Par 71
    Yards 7,266
  • Purse $6,900,000
    Defending Champion Gary Woodland


1 Hole Playoff Results
Gary Woodland4
Chez Reavie5
17Gary WoodlandG. Woodland-18-7F67686764266$1,242,000.00500-
21Chez ReavieC. Reavie-18-5F68656766266$745,200.00300-
T315Ollie SchniederjansO. Schniederjans-15-6F68686865269$400,200.00163-
T35Brendan SteeleB. Steele-15-4F68676767269$400,200.00163-
T53Chesson HadleyC. Hadley-14-3F66686868270$242,362.5096-
T59Matt KucharM. Kuchar-14-4F71686467270$242,362.5096-
T5-Phil MickelsonP. Mickelson-14-2F70656669270$242,362.5096-
T53Bryson DeChambeauB. DeChambeau-14-1F66666870270$242,362.5096-
T95Brian GayB. Gay-13-3F67686868271$193,200.0078-
T95Martin LairdM. Laird-13-3F68676868271$193,200.0078-
T119Vaughn TaylorV. Taylor-12-4F67687067272$141,450.0060-
T113James HahnJ. Hahn-12-2F70676669272$141,450.0060-
T113Chris KirkC. Kirk-12-1F66686870272$141,450.0060-
T116Daniel BergerD. Berger-12EF68656871272$141,450.0060-
T1110Rickie FowlerR. Fowler-12+2F66666773272$141,450.0060-
T119Jon RahmJ. Rahm-12+1F67686572272$141,450.0060-
T179Justin ThomasJ. Thomas-11-5F68687166273$100,050.0048-
T174Patrick ReedP. Reed-11-4F71666967273$100,050.0048-
T179Beau HosslerB. Hossler-11EF70686471273$100,050.0048-
T1712Xander SchauffeleX. Schauffele-11+1F68676672273$100,050.0048-
T21-Martin FloresM. Flores-10-3F70686868274$80,040.0042-
T213Alex NorenA. Noren-10-1F71686570274$80,040.0042-
T233Byeong Hun AnB. Hun An-9-3F68677268275$66,240.0037-
T2312Scott StallingsS. Stallings-9-4F69657467275$66,240.0037-
T233Brandt SnedekerB. Snedeker-9-3F69677168275$66,240.0037-
T269Charley HoffmanC. Hoffman-8-3F72686868276$51,060.0031-
T265Aaron BaddeleyA. Baddeley-8-1F72686670276$51,060.0031-
T265Luke ListL. List-8-1F69686970276$51,060.0031-
T265Nick WatneyN. Watney-8-1F68687070276$51,060.0031-
T2618Bill HaasB. Haas-8+3F64726674276$51,060.0031-
T314Steve StrickerS. Stricker-7-2F68677369277$39,132.8622-
T314Marc LeishmanM. Leishman-7-2F69716869277$39,132.8622-
T315Austin CookA. Cook-7-1F70696870277$39,132.8622-
T315Jason KokrakJ. Kokrak-7-1F70696870277$39,132.8622-
T315Patton KizzireP. Kizzire-7-1F70686970277$39,132.8622-
T3111Rory SabbatiniR. Sabbatini-7-3F74666968277$39,132.8522-
T3111Kevin ChappellK. Chappell-7-3F69726868277$39,132.8522-
T383John HuhJ. Huh-6-1F68697170278$31,740.0018-
T3812Harold Varner, IIIH. Varner, III-6-3F73677068278$31,740.0018-
T4014Bubba WatsonB. Watson-5+1F67697172279$28,290.0015-
T4010Francesco MolinariF. Molinari-5-2F70697169279$28,290.0015-
T4010Kevin StreelmanK. Streelman-5-2F71697069279$28,290.0015-
T438Keegan BradleyK. Bradley-4+1F68707072280$22,770.0011-
T4317Chad CampbellC. Campbell-4+2F68716873280$22,770.0011-
T431Adam HadwinA. Hadwin-4EF70657471280$22,770.0011-
T437Billy HorschelB. Horschel-4-1F66737170280$22,770.0011-
T4319Lucas GloverL. Glover-4-4F71687467280$22,770.0011-
T486Benjamin SilvermanB. Silverman-3+1F71687072281$17,802.009-
T482Kevin NaK. Na-3EF69707171281$17,802.009-
T482Cameron SmithC. Smith-3EF69677471281$17,802.009-
T488Derek FathauerD. Fathauer-3-1F70717070281$17,802.009-
T5217Jamie LovemarkJ. Lovemark-2+3F70677174282$16,090.807-
T5226Ian PoulterI. Poulter-2+4F70696875282$16,090.807-
T5210Robert GarrigusR. Garrigus-2+2F71696973282$16,090.807-
T5210Peter UihleinP. Uihlein-2-2F68727369282$16,090.807-
T5210Nick TaylorN. Taylor-2-2F69717369282$16,090.807-
T5715Emiliano GrilloE. Grillo-1+3F68697274283$15,318.005-
T571John PetersonJ. Peterson-1+1F70707172283$15,318.005-
T572Zach JohnsonZ. Johnson-1EF71707171283$15,318.005-
T572Camilo VillegasC. Villegas-1EF70717171283$15,318.005-
T579Kevin TwayK. Tway-1-2F73687369283$15,318.005-
T6220C.T. PanC.T. PanE+4F71687075284$14,766.004-
T6220Colt KnostC. KnostE+4F71667275284$14,766.004-
T626Si Woo KimS. Woo KimE+2F74677073284$14,766.004-
T656Brian StuardB. Stuard+2+3F69717274286$14,421.004-
T653Shane LowryS. Lowry+2EF70717471286$14,421.004-
T672Ben MartinB. Martin+3EF69707771287$14,145.004-
T672Blayne BarberB. Barber+3EF73687571287$14,145.004-
693Tyrone van AswegenT. van Aswegen+4+3F70707474288$13,938.003-
T702Cody GribbleC. Gribble+5EF69717871289$13,731.003-
T701Grayson MurrayG. Murray+5+2F71707573289$13,731.003-
7210Charlie BeljanC. Beljan+7+7F73687278291$13,524.003-
--Russell KnoxR. KnoxCUT-CUT7468----142$00-
--Tony FinauT. FinauCUT-CUT6973----142$00-
--Harris EnglishH. EnglishCUT-CUT6874----142$00-
--Danny LeeD. LeeCUT-CUT7369----142$00-
--Brandon HarkinsB. HarkinsCUT-CUT7171----142$00-
--Russell HenleyR. HenleyCUT-CUT7072----142$00-
--Peter MalnatiP. MalnatiCUT-CUT7468----142$00-
--Mackenzie HughesM. HughesCUT-CUT6973----142$00-
--Ryan ArmourR. ArmourCUT-CUT7072----142$00-
--Jordan SpiethJ. SpiethCUT-CUT7270----142$00-
--Retief GoosenR. GoosenCUT-CUT7369----142$00-
--Bud CauleyB. CauleyCUT-CUT6974----143$00-
--Webb SimpsonW. SimpsonCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--William McGirtW. McGirtCUT-CUT7172----143$00-
--Anirban LahiriA. LahiriCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--Andrew LandryA. LandryCUT-CUT7370----143$00-
--Robert StrebR. StrebCUT-CUT7469----143$00-
--Ryan PalmerR. PalmerCUT-CUT7172----143$00-
--Scott PiercyS. PiercyCUT-CUT7172----143$00-
--Tom HogeT. HogeCUT-CUT7370----143$00-
--Richy WerenskiR. WerenskiCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--Michael KimM. KimCUT-CUT7172----143$00-
--Ryan MooreR. MooreCUT-CUT7172----143$00-
--Chris StroudC. StroudCUT-CUT7766----143$00-
--Fabian GomezF. GomezCUT-CUT7271----143$00-
--Ricky BarnesR. BarnesCUT-CUT7568----143$00-
--Kyle StanleyK. StanleyCUT-CUT7371----144$00-
--J.B. HolmesJ.B. HolmesCUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--K.J. ChoiK.J. ChoiCUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--Dominic BozzelliD. BozzelliCUT-CUT6975----144$00-
--Whee KimW. KimCUT-CUT7371----144$00-
--Hudson SwaffordH. SwaffordCUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--Patrick RodgersP. RodgersCUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--Cameron TringaleC. TringaleCUT-CUT7272----144$00-
--Sung-hoon KangS. KangCUT-CUT6975----144$00-
--Richard LeeR. LeeCUT-CUT7470----144$00-
--Hunter MahanH. MahanCUT-CUT7174----145$00-
--Wesley BryanW. BryanCUT-CUT7570----145$00-
--Matt EveryM. EveryCUT-CUT7372----145$00-
--Geoff OgilvyG. OgilvyCUT-CUT7471----145$00-
--Sang-Moon BaeS. BaeCUT-CUT7472----146$00-
--Scott BrownS. BrownCUT-CUT7373----146$00-
--Tom LoveladyT. LoveladyCUT-CUT7472----146$00-
--Jonas BlixtJ. BlixtCUT-CUT7076----146$00-
--Billy Hurley IIIB. Hurley IIICUT-CUT7473----147$00-
--Ryan BlaumR. BlaumCUT-CUT7671----147$00-
--Wyndham ClarkW. ClarkCUT-CUT7473----147$00-
--Tyler DuncanT. DuncanCUT-CUT7375----148$00-
--John OdaJ. OdaCUT-CUT7672----148$00-
--Kelly KraftK. KraftCUT-CUT7970----149$00-
--Greg ChalmersG. ChalmersCUT-CUT6881----149$00-
--Smylie KaufmanS. KaufmanCUT-CUT7575----150$00-
--Morgan HoffmannM. HoffmannCUT-CUT7674----150$00-
--D.A. PointsD.A. PointsCUT-CUT7477----151$00-
--Julian SuriJ. SuriCUT-CUT7874----152$00-
--Jesse MuellerJ. MuellerCUT-CUT8076----156$00-
--Andrew LoupeA. LoupeCUT-CUT7979----158$00-
--Hideki MatsuyamaH. MatsuyamaWD-WD69------69$00-
--J.J. SpaunJ.J. SpaunWD-WD----------$00-
--Alex CejkaA. CejkaWD-WD74------74$00-


Corey Pronman @coreypronman

With a 3 point night, TBL prospect Mathieu Joseph is 4th among all AHL rookies in scoring. He's also 2nd in shots on goal among AHL rookies.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

It's interesting to hear Bryson DeChambeau explain why even after having won a tournament, he's still gonna be learning on Sunday trying to while win.


Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

It's hard not to root for Bryson DeChambeau when you hear how self aware he is of his situation. He'll be in the final group Sunday one shot back of Henrik Stenson.


Bob Harig @BobHarig

Sunday tee times: Stenson-DeChambeau 2:20 p.m. Rose-McIlroy 2:10 Hoffman-Moore 2:00 Fowler-Gooch 1:50 Murray-An 1:40 Woods-Cauley 1:30

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Justin Rose explains how the course has changed throughout the week, how wedges are EASIER with form greens, and what he's gotta do Sunday to win!


Jason Sobel @JasonSobelESPN

Henrik Stenson owns the 54-hole lead, as the API board looks spectacularly major-ish entering the final round.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Arnold Palmer leaderboard: Stenson -12 DeChambeau -11 McIlroy -10 Rose -9 Moore -9 Fowler, Hoffman, Gooch -8 Tiger among 4 at -7

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Rory McIlroy's 67 put him in final-round contention on the PGA Tour for the first time this year. "I started the day just outside the top-10 and wanted to at least give myself a chance going into tomorrow,'' he said. "So it was a great day out there. I can't really ask for much more.'' McIlroy is 2 strokes back of Henrik Stenson.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

From +4 to beating Tiger Woods! Justin Rose shows no fear being paired with Tiger today and could have just as easily missed the cut. U.S. Ryder Cup team take note...


Bob Harig @BobHarig

Rory McIlroy's 67 is his best round in five tournaments this year on the PGA Tour (doesn't include 2 tournaments in the Middle East)

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

The shot Tiger Woods hit on the 16th hole Saturday is an example of how far he has come. He had 205 yards from a bunker on the par-5 hole with the lip having him consider laying up. But after plenty of pondering, he decided on a 5-iron and hit the shot way up into the air and over the flag. He two-putted for birdie. "I had t flush it to get it there,'' Woods said. "And I pulled it off.''

Jason Sobel ESPN Senior Writer 

Tiger Woods had a few autograph requests after the round.

Michael Collins ESPN Senior Writer 

Tiger Woods, THAT'S the way to finish! Birdie at the 18th hole puts Tiger -7 going into Sunday. A Saturday 69 (-3) should keep Woods just within range of the leaders to have a chance to win come Sunday.