Radio Ga Ga: Italian Grand Prix

Radio Ga Ga: Italian Grand Prix (0:50)

Catch up with the best bits of race radio from Italy as insults fly between the drivers. (0:50)

ESPN rounds up the best of the radio soundbites from the Italian Grand Prix, where Fernando Alonso sounded off about another grievance and Mercedes spoiled the Tifosi party at Monza.

"You can't send me straight into the side of the car! I just managed to miss him..."

Kimi Raikkonen was very lucky not to be in the middle of a nasty collision in FP2 when Ferrari released him into the path of Sergio Perez's Force India, as the Mexican entered the box ahead. Some quick thinking from the Finn prevented contact, but didn't stop the Iceman from giving the Ferrari pit wall a dressing down afterwards...

"Nice job Lewis, pole position! You've got yourself another record...."

Mercedes congratulates Lewis Hamilton for overtaking the record of Michael Schumacher's 68 career pole positions after a thrilling and dramatic Q3 in the wet.

"We have damage... front puncture! What the [censored] was he doing?"

Max Verstappen has had a terrible run of reliability issues in 2017, but this was not one of them. After banging wheels with Felipe Massa's Williams, the Red Bull driver came off worse, and was forced into a recovery drive from the back of the field.

"[Mutters] No balance....."
"Your radio's still on, Nico."
"Your radio's still on!"

Nico Hulkenberg apparently like talking to himself in the car, as evidenced by this comical exchange early in the race as the Renault driver tried to get to grips with his car.

"What Palmer is doing? He needs to give me back the position. He cut the chicane."

Fernando Alonso asks the FIA to do something about Renault's Jolyon Palmer after being forced wide at the second chicane...

"Palmer has a five-second penalty."
"Five seconds is a joke! A joke!
"We know Fernando. We can't do anything."
"Five seconds is a joke."

...But is stunned to hear the size of the penalty handed out to the Englishman.

"Where is Palmer?"
"Palmer has retired."

Alonso appears to find some satisfaction in Palmer's retirement late in the race. Perhaps he should have chosen his words more carefully - his McLaren would also be called in to retire a handful of laps from the finish.

"Massa is next, he is alone now."
"I like 'em vulnerable...."

Another day, another peek into the weird and wonderful mind of Daniel Ricciardo as he encouraged to go and hunt down Felipe Massa, prompting the start of his thrilling late charge.

"That was crazy guys! Guys I'm serious, if that is allowed.... It's a crazy risk! It can't be allowed."

Having been pushed wide at the Roggia chicane by Max Verstappen, Kevin Magnussen struggles to understand how the Red Bull driver managed to escape punishment.