Giants and Vitality sit atop the EU LCS after Friday wins

Yasin "Nisqy" Dincer and Splyce picked up a win over H2K on Saturday. Provided by Riot Games

Splyce 1 - H2K Gaming 0

Splyce made quick work of H2K Gaming to open up Friday's slate in the European League of Legends Championship Series.

With H2K fielding a new-look roster featuring former mid laner Marc "Caedrel" Robert Lamont in the jungle and newcomer Marcin "Selfie" Wolski in the mid lane, the final outcome wasn't exactly surprising. What was surprising, however, was how Splyce ended up securing the win.

From the very start, it was the Yasin "Nisqy" Dincer show, as the Splyce mid dominated on Twisted Fate. He had the game's only two kills after 28 minutes, with both coming against top laner Lennart "Smittyj" Warkus's Gnar. Rather than focus on the players in new positions on H2K, Splyce just picked apart the top lane at every opportunity to gain an early advantage. With a few towers and dragons in hand by that point, it wasn't long before Splyce was ready to wrap up the win.

To its credit, H2K wasn't content to just let Splyce walk away with the win easily, identifying that its only chance of victory would come through the Baron pit. That chance was very slim, however, and Splyce quickly stopped the maneuver, picking up a 4-for-0 teamfight win on the back of Kasper "Kobbe" Kobberup's triple kill, walking away with the buff for good measure. That was all Splyce needed to then waltz into the base and knock down the Nexus for a 33-minute win.

Splyce, now 4-3, will look for a third straight win when it faces Vitality at 11 a.m. ET on Saturday, while H2K, falling to 1-6, will try and bounce back in a match against FC Schalke 04 directly following the aforementioned matchup.

--Wyatt Donigan

Team Vitality 1 - ROCCAT 0

In the longest game of the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split, Vitality narrowly walked away with a victory over ROCCAT.

Not only did this game end as the longest game of the split, but it started out with the latest first blood -- just under 20 minutes. Everything in between was a true EU slugfest complete with botched Baron attempts and relatively passive gameplay.

Vitality may have picked up the exciting win thanks to a last-second backdoor Nexus push by AD carry Amadeu "Minitroupax" Carvalho's Varus, but this wasn't exactly a win to write home about. Due to Vitality's poor macro play, ROCCAT almost managed to pull its way back into the game. Vitality gave up not one but two Baron steals (in a row, no less) to ROCCAT jungler Jonas "Memento" Elmarghici's Sejuani. This allowed ROCCAT to keep the game much closer than it should have been in light of VItality's massive kill lead throughout the majority of this game.

ROCCAT simply focused on objectives on its way to a whopping four Barons and six inhibitors, but all of that utility wasn't enough to push past Vitality in the late game. Even when ROCCAT won a final teamfight in the closing moments of the game, Minitroupax utilized his teleport -- thanks to Unsealed Spellbook -- to sneak into the base while his team stopped the enemy from backing to defend, winning the base race all on his own and ending the game.

Vitality, now 6-1 and sitting at the top of the league, will try and look another victory in a bout against Splyce at 11 a.m. ET on Saturday, while ROCCAT, moving to 3-4, will try and get back to .500 against Misfits later that day at 1 p.m. ET.

--Wyatt Donigan

Giants Gaming 1 - Misfits Gaming 0

In stark contrast to the previous game, Giants Gaming took a swift but dominant victory over Misfits Gaming to continue Friday's EU LCS action.

Giants played a patient game against Misfits, surviving an early gold deficit to eventually walk away with the win. Giants mid laner Felix "Betsy" Edling opened up with an early first blood that turned into a 3-to-1 kill advantage just minutes later. Despite the early deaths, Misfits managed to hold onto the gold lead on the back of superior objective control, which eventually translated into a Baron secure and 4-for-0 teamfight win at 23 minutes. By the end of the buff, Misfits had pushed the lead up to over 8,000 as it started to look towards the finish line.

Giants, however, weren't ready to give up just yet. Betsy's Azir showed up once again with a triple kill that allowed Giants to secure the second Baron at 31 minutes. Misfits were able to pick up three kills in the accompanying skirmish, which effectively nullified the Baron buff. Ever the resilient bunch, the Giants bided their time until Betsy again popped off with another four kills as part of the final ace that put the nail in Misfits' coffin. Giants used this game to demonstrate why a gold lead isn't always the most important thing, as it ended the game still down almost 3,000 gold. It's that resiliency and determination that has taken Giants from the Challenger Series last split to one of the best teams in the top flight of Europe this split.

Misfits, falling to 4-3, will try and prevent a winless week when it faces ROCCAT at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday, while Giants, now 5-2, will try and make it a perfect week against Fnatic in the very next game.

--Wyatt Donigan

Fnatic 1 - Unicorns of Love 0

After an underwhelming early season, Fnatic finally pushed itself to a winning record by taking down the Unicorns of Love on Friday afternoon.

The series was a tense one as both teams walked on the knife's edge for the majority of the back-and-forth mid game. Fnatic were looking to simply stick it out as its late-game scaling and crowd control was unmatched by the Unicorns' composition.

The Unicorns threatened to take control of the entire game after an outstanding rotation that punished a greedy pick by Fnatic, resulting in a teamfight that the Unicorns easily won. A few minutes later, things looked grim for FNC. The Unicorns were pressing in through the mid lane, with Baron-empowered minions threatening to end the game then and there if Fnatic failed to react.

But react Fnatic did, which sparked the most decisive teamfight we've seen so far in the EU LCS. The combination of Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen's Catalcysm with Rasmus "Caps" Winther's Heroic Entrance blew UOL ADC Samuel "Samux" Fernandez Fort straight off the rift, and the Unicorns of Love crumpled nearly instantly without its star carry in the fight. Suddenly, Fnatic had the time and gold needed to get its composition into the late game, and wasted no time putting the pressure on the Unicorns.

Fnatic took the next Baron with ease and used it to break open the base of the Unicorns of Love, who fell beneath the onslaught despite a truly heroic attempt at a defense by Samux. It wasn't enough, and Martin "Rekkles" Larsson stayed alive in the UOL base to take down the Nexus to end the game.

Fantic, above .500 at 4-3, will next face off against the Giants at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday, while the Unicorns of Love, falling to 1-6, will take on G2 Esports at 3 p.m. ET in the very next game.

--James Bates

G2 Esports 1 - FC Schalke 04 0

G2 Esports wrapped up the Friday slate of EU LCS matches by taking down FC Schalke 04 in a near 60-minute brawl.

Despite starting out calculated on both sides, the game eventually devolved into what the players described as a "clown fiesta" in the post-game interview. Starting out, G2 Esports had to play very cautiously, as an unexpected LeBlanc pick from Schalke mid laner Erlend "Nukeduck" Vatevik Holm put the entire team on the back foot with the champion's early game potential. While G2 mid laner Luka "Perkz" Perkovic managed to contain Nukeduck early on, several bad engages from G2's side -- combined with brilliant uses of Teleport from Schalke 04 -- quickly turned Nukeduck into an unstoppable force.

Unfortunately, Schalke couldn't utilize Nukeduck's enormous power for much more than split pushing. He spent most of the game in a side lane where he went largely unanswered -- the few attempts from G2 Esports to send top laner Martin "Wunder" Hansen to match Nukeduck ended very poorly -- but also earned little ground on his own. Meanwhile, the rest of Schalke 04 and G2 Esports clashed across the map in fights that turned out to be anything but conclusive.

What was conclusive, however, was Perkz's play that earned him the MVP, including a highlight moment when he weaved a Paddle Star between minions to kill Nukeduck from full HP. Before Schalke's most powerful player respawned, G2 had already slain the Baron and regained a significant amount of map pressure. One quick pick onto Schalke's AD carry Elias "Upset" Lipp later, and the game ended against all expectation in favor of G2 Esports.

G2 Esports, now 4-3 and tied for third in the EU LCS, will play its next match against the Unicorns of Love at 3 p.m. ET on Saturday, while Schalke 04, falling to 3-4, will next play against the struggling H2k Gaming earlier in the day at 12 p.m. ET.

--James Bates