The move I love to hate: Downhill ice skater Amanda Trunzo's burpee box jump-over

Courtesy of Red Bull

When former Dartmouth ice hockey player Amanda Trunzo, 28, began training for her current life on the Red Bull Crashed Ice circuit, she had to learn to be a little less grounded.

"My hockey background helped me with the skating, but I had to learn the jumps and turns and how to control myself in the air," says Trunzo, who practices those skills on inline skates at The Factory skate park in Minneapolis.

In Crashed Ice, four skaters race side by side down a 1,600-foot course that drops as many as 12 stories while navigating jumps, turns and each other. Think roller derby on ice.

Off the skates, Trunzo steers her workouts to include power moves like burpees and box jumps, which help her with the start of Crashed Ice races.

"Crashed Ice is explosive out of the gate," Trunzo says. "In ice hockey, I did strength workouts and static movements and the workouts were always the same. Now I'm doing super-high-intensity workouts that are always varied."

A teacher at Lions Gate Academy, a charter school in Minnetonka, Minnesota, that serves children with autism, as well as a high school hockey and lacrosse coach, Trunzo fits in her workouts before school and after her coaching duties. And they're paying off. Last season, she finished second in the Red Bull Crashed Ice women's world rankings and was the top U.S. woman in the world. The 2018 series kicks off Jan. 19 in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

"My goal is to be the world champion this year," she says. "I want to become the first women's world champion from the U.S."

She shared one of the high-intensity moves she hopes will get her to that goal:

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The move: Burpee box jump-over

How to do it: Start by doing a burpee: Bring your hands and chest down to the ground like you're going to do a pushup, then kick your legs back, pull them back in under your hands and then jump up and jump over the box. Turn, and do the entire sequence again. (When you're starting out, do a burpee and then step up onto the box. Next, try jumping onto the box. Once you have the strength and timing down, do the full jump over the box.)

When I do it: I do burpees or box jumps a couple of times a week, but I do this exercise once every two weeks. Right now, I do 30 sets of 10, so 300 total. If you're new to box jumps, start with 10 sets of five and work up from there.

Why I do it: It's a cardio workout plus an all-around movement that includes the explosive jump at the end, which is really good for my training for Crashed Ice.

Why it's so killer: I love that it's a total body exercise and I love the challenge of jumping. I don't love when my legs are fatigued and I try to jump over the box -- especially when it's a wooden box -- and I nick my shins.