Hockey star Hilary Knight's playlist heading into the Pyeongchang Olympic Games

If you thought Hilary Knight was passionate about hockey -- after all, the 28-year-old is about to compete in her third Olympics, has seven world championship titles to her name and has been playing for Team USA since she was just 17 -- just wait until you get her talking about her playlist. "I absolutely love music," she says. "Music is so powerful and can set the tone and change your mood."

She recalls her mom playing Carole King on road trips as a kid. "The song 'I Feel the Earth Move' brings me back to those younger years when I was taking my first strides on the ice," she says. As time passed, she began listening to King at the end of a long training day, and eventually her teammates picked up on it and began singing along. "Now it's become a karaoke thing," she says. "We have a pregame ritual where we crank this song and have a mini jam-out session before we get to the rink. My specialty is the piano solo."

She shared the rest of her go-tos right now, with the caveat that she "could add waaaay more songs to this list," she says.

"The songs that are on my playlist find themselves there because I can identify with the lyrics or they have some magical transformative power in the beat," she explains. "Passion, excitement, preparation, vision, focus. Let's get it."

Her playlist as she heads to Pyeongchang for the Games:

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