People were pretty excited to see Tonya Harding in attendance at Sunday's Golden Globes

After over two decades of being a national punch line, Tonya Harding is finally having her moment. The disgraced former figure skater, the focus of the Golden Globe-nominated "I, Tonya," was in attendance for Sunday's award show. She appeared on the red carpet and sat at the film's official table with stars Margot Robbie, Allison Janney and Sebastian Stan.

Janney, who won the award for "Best Supporting Actress" for her (absolutely incredible) portrayal of Harding's mother, even dedicated the honor to Harding while on stage accepting the trophy.

Also, please note the totally relatable reaction of "Call Me By Your Name" star Timothée Chalamet when he realizes how close he is to Harding:

And, if that's not enough Harding for you, she and Robbie appear on the cover of the latest Hollywood Reporter.

Looks like it's good to be Tonya Harding these days.

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