Roger Federer woke up Monday as eight-time Wimbledon Champion. Instead of revelling in that moment, he's back in the press centre talking to a room of journalists. He talks of celebrations last night, of course: "My head is ringing, I got to bed at 5, woke up and didn't feel good but we had a good time". But then went on to talk of more important matters; the absence of a threatening next generation of players: "The younger ones haven't been strong enough to push us out. I think the way the points are structured that has part to do with it, it makes the gap too big between the top guys and the younger guys." And whether the trend of picking and choosing between tournaments is likely to grow: "I hope that this is not a trend. I didn't just walk away from the game for six months last year because I wanted to, I had to". His target now? "To enjoy being a Wimbledon Champion for the year", of course.

Victoria Monk, ESPN