Player of the Match
Player of the Match
67dThe Report by Andrew Fidel Fernando

Jack Leach, Moeen Ali share eight as England seal series sweep

England snuffed out a fighting sixth-wicket stand, then withstood feisty hitting from the No. 11, to complete a sensational 3-0 whitewash of Sri Lanka

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Best performances - Batsmen

JM Bairstow
110(186) 9x4 - 1x6
Control %82%
  • Productive Shot
  • sweep shot
  • 30 runs
  • 3x4 - 0x6
2 11 19 9 32 3 8 26
BKG Mendis
86(129) 8x4 - 1x6
Control %88%
  • Productive Shot
  • pull
  • 31 runs
  • 4x4 - 1x6
4 8 16 2 19 4 8 25

Best performances - Bowlers

AU Rashid
MDK Perera

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England , elected to bat first

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Series result

England won the 3-match series 3-0

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Hours of play (local time)

10:00 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00

Match days

23.24.25,26 November 2018 (5-day match)

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Scorer: @Thilak_Rama | Commentator: Andrew Miller

4pm So, Root collects the trophy, and heads over to celebrate with his team. That's almost a wrap from Sri Lanka, at the end of England's first overseas whitewash since 1963. Thanks for all your involvement, in the Tests and the one-dayers alike. England head home for a rare Christmas break before reconvening in the Caribbean in the New Year.

Fidel Fernando's match report is here, and tune in later for all the post-series reaction, stats and videos. From myself, Andrew Miller, and our myriad of commentators and scorers - Alan, Oli, Deiva, Thilak, Raghav et al - thanks and see you next time. And if you haven't got enough of a Test fix for one day, there's still scenes brewing in Dubai.

chathura dharma: "England won this match by 42 runs and the second test by 57 runs, they have also won the 1st test against India by 31 runs and 4th test by 60 runs, boy they know how to pull off victories when the going gets tough, a hallmark of a great team in the making, watch out Australia for the next Ashes" It's a fair point. They've found players who can step up in adversity. Though those margins are also a warning that they aren't quite as dominant a side as their recent record of eight Test wins out of nine might suggest.

Here's Root: "Proud of everyone, a brilliant tour and a real team effort. We knew we were capable but to perform as consistently as we have shows a real learning in the squad."

"A big secret of our success has been being able to pick a team to take 20 wickets and score enough runs on every ground."

"You're only as good as your team, the guys have stepped up, either passing it on to the young guys or coming in themselves. It's been a complete team effort."

Joe Root picks up a cheque for winning the Test. He'll have a chat in a minute. For the moment, it's Ben Foakes as Man of the Series. "It's been a crazy few weeks and really good fun. The Sri Lankan guys bowled really well."

"I've been here six times, so knowing the conditions is a big part of it. I'm just going with the flow, here for the ride!"

Suranga Lakmal, speaking in Sinhalese, says he expected a close game, and it was a strong, tough game. It was small things which went wrong, in the future we hope to rectify that. Everybody did their best.

Time for some presentations. The Man of the Match is Jonny Bairstow: "The guys have put in a real shift. It's been an up-and-down tour for me, great to be back part of the lads out in the middle. We look forward to the West Indies now."

"Great to be out with the fans on the boundary," he says of not having the keeper's gloves. Remarkably restrained views there, Jonny!

3.46pm Gaurav has been crunching the numbers after a spin-heavy series. The fifth time that spinners have taken 100 wickets in a series, but the first time in a three-match series. And the first time outside of India too

John: "Stokes for MOM for me. he got 99 runs in the match (with 1 fifty) and 4 wickets. Best all round my opinion". Fair point. His ten-over spell in the first innings was utterly immense.

Shervon: "Sri Lanka would have sent the batsman from bottom to top rather than top to bottom. " England know the feeling ...

3.43pm Richard Bedwell: "Can I put in a word for Jack Leach as honourable mention for MOS? Plenty of wickets, vital run out today and most importantly bowled with great control. I'd still give to to Foakes though #essexboy"

Anubhab Mukherj: "As a die hard England fan since 2005, this series has been a treat to watch. Though SL are not those of old, it still takes lots of skill to whitewash them. This England side is a joy to watch. 2 down-Sl, Sa, 6 to go (Aus, Pak, Nz, Wi, Ind, Ban). Lets get the windies next up."

Ben Stokes: "It's been tough, really hot. And I am a ridiculously big sweater. The role I played in the team was to be an enforcer and bring a different dimension. We aren't the best at finishing things off, but we can be very proud."

"I'm absolutely knackered," says Jack Leach. "Just trying to get my body going again, as I was keen to get that new ball in my hand." On the run-out: "Love to say I've been working on them. A big moment, I saw it going towards the stumps and thought, that's going to hit..." He wasn't wrong.

Dave Fern : "Thank you Cricinfo for informing, entertaining and keeping us on the edge of our seats throughout this enthralling series. Thoroughly enjoyable." A great pleasure, Dave. It's always a pleasure when the cricket is as engaging as it has been! (And even when it isn't, come to think of it...)

3.34pm Gleeful bouncing from England in the huddle, and handshakes all round. That is a remarkable 100 wickets to spinners, the most in a three-match series, and well, once again, the tea break plays a blinder.

Off come the players, to be greeted by the rest of the squad and the support staff. It has been a true squad effort from England, but huge credit to Sri Lanka, even in defeat. They made England battle hard in all three Tests, and you have to say it was the fielding that made the difference in the final analysis. Not least today. Jack Leach's run-out of Kusal Mendis looks even more vital now

Leach to Lakmal, OUT, huge appeal, up goes the finger! Round the wicket, thumping the front pad, straightening just enough to clip the leg stump. Lakmal reviews but to no avail. England win 3-0!

RAS Lakmal lbw b Leach 11 (38b 1x4 0x6) SR: 28.94

Leach to Lakmal, no run, head right over the ball, coming forward
Leach to Lakmal, no run, flicked to the leg side
Leach to Lakmal, no run, back of a length, straightening and lifting off the deck to be defended

86 | 3 Runs | SL: 284/9

  • PM Pushpakumara42 (40b)
  • RAS Lakmal11 (34b)
  • SCJ Broad5-0-14-0
  • MM Ali26-3-92-4

3.30pm Hello again. Well, well, we're still brawling. Jack Leach has the ball. Even though it's a brand-new ball. England keep faith in spin. Here we go

3.12pm After losing only Sandakan, the nightwatchman, in the first session, Sri Lanka lost four more and were hurtling towards defeat, but No.11 Pushpakumara's rollicking blows keep Sri Lanka alive in the match. Just alive. Lakmal is hanging on, these two have added 58 for the last wicket. Sri Lanka need 43 more, England one wicket. Be back in 20 minutes for the finish.

Meanwhile, over in the Emirates, Pakistan are showing how to spin it to win it with a legspinner in your ranks. Yasir Shah has the WOWOWO factor...

Ajeet Singh: "Can Malinda Pushpakumara be the hero for their team? He has done extremely well so far and have looked very confident in this innings, which is just his 4th match of career."

Broad to Pushpakumara, no run, full on middle, Pushpakumara gets right behind the line and defends to keep the Test alive

Dilshan : "Miracle at the SSC anyone? Or too early for that?"

Broad to Pushpakumara, no run, full and outside off, Pushpakumara has an almighty hack at it and inside-edges the ball away to the leg side

Sri Lanka 4th innings Partnerships

1st15FDM KarunaratneMD Gunathilaka
2nd9FDM KarunaratneDM de Silva
3rd10FDM KarunaratneBKG Mendis
4th18AD MathewsBKG Mendis
5th30PADLR SandakanBKG Mendis
6th102ARS SilvaBKG Mendis
7th30ARS SilvaN Dickwella
8th11MDK PereraARS Silva
9th1RAS LakmalARS Silva
10th58PM PushpakumaraRAS Lakmal