Player of the Match
Player of the Match

47 | 3 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 130/10

  • R Ashwin33 (48b)
  • CR Woakes10-2-24-2
  • JM Anderson12-5-23-4

6:08pm And that is all from our live coverage. Sid Monga's report will be up soon, and we have Miller, Naga and Mel lurking at Lord's to give you plenty of analysis, alongside Polite Enquiries. Good night!

Chris Woakes: Delighted. I suppose to win the Test match inside four days when you lose a day and half to rain is special. Scoring a hundred and getting on the honour's board is something that'll stay with me a lot. It's sinking in more. I wish I'd soaked it in a little more. But like I said, I was a bit nervous out there yesterday. Jonny calmed me down, which is funny, it's usually the other way around. We just looked to tick it off in fives. Once we got through the tough part, we started scoring freely. [His return from injury] Really pleased with the bowling. Getting competitive cricket was important, even though it was white-ball cricket.

Yes it was a fight [getting the ball out of Jimmy's hands]. Once Broady gets his legs pumping, it's brilliant to watch. Well backed up by Sam as well.

Chris Woakes is the Man of the Match.

Joe Root: Less stressful [win] definitely. The bowling unit were exceptional throughout. We had the conditions in our favour, but we had to put it in the right places. Jonny and Woakesy were magnificent. Really pleased for Woakesy. A number of times he's showed how talented he is. He's been working hard. Coming back into the side, someone who's always been a big part of the side. Good to see.

Ultimately it was about doing the same things again and again. We're in a nice position. I thought he [Pope] played really well. To come in and put pressure on the opposition in a tough batting period was good. We've got another day to rest and recover and get our heads around what we've done this week. We still haven't played our best game. There's room to improve and that's the most exciting part for us.

Virat Kohli: Not proud of the way we've played. First time in the last five Tests that we've been outplayed. We deserved to lose this game, the way we went about things. Can't really think about conditions when you're playing the game. You can't sit and crib about these things. Sometimes the rub of the green won't go your way. Even when the ball's doing a bit, you have to pitch it in the right areas. Their guys were relentless, they made us work for the runs. [Extra seamer] Yeah looking back, I thought we got the combination wrong. [About his injury] I should be fine. Lower back issue, I'm confident I'll be fine in five days time with a bit of rehab.

Stuart Broad: "I think it's a powerful performance. Right up there. The emotions at Edgbaston took a lot out of us. Good to come to Lord's and put the same kind of energy. We were fortunate with how the clouds came to work for us. We talked bout it [patience]. We didn't give India too many freebies. We're really enjoying being out there. We [bowling unit] each bowl it a bit differently, that helps. Was gutted when it rained [during his fiery spell].

So disappointed with the hat-trick ball, it was so bad!

We talked a lot about the bowlers maybe having to rotate, but we've not had an innings where someones's got a lot of runs. A few calm days before the next one."

WATCH - It's all over for India! Ishant departs as England complete an innings victory (India only)

WATCH: Anderson takes his ninth wicket of the match as Shami goes for a duck (India only)

Andrew: "Ashwin should be moved to no. 4"

D: "Sanjay Bangar and Ravi Shastri need to answer a lot of questions. all those chops and changes has turned a world class batting lineup into smush. this is embarrassing. "

The_Truth: "Pope was seen carrying Barrastow's helmet. I liked that. I don't know whether he was forced to carry or just obliged as a youngster. Haha"

cartoft: "@John. Perhaps England will put Rashid up for the post-match press conference."

5:42pm A stump for Woakes, a stump for Anderson, a stump for Pope. Even Adil Rashid has grabbed one by the looks of it. Why not! A win by an innings and 159 runs. India have been rolled over with more than an hour left on the fourth day of a Test that didn't have play on the first day. Yes, it's been that bad for them. This Test lasted 170.3 overs. But we have a result. Anderson, Bairstow, Woakes and Broad the wreckers-in-chief as India crumbled across all three innings. The toss, the team selection, the decisions from their batsmen - nothing going their way. It's 0-2 for the visitors.

Woakes to Sharma, OUT, taken at leg gully! That's the innings win for England. Ishant shuffles across at a length ball angled into him, gets good bat on the glance, but that's exactly the shot England have a fielder there for. Ollie Pope grabs it to complete a memorable debut.

I Sharma c Pope b Woakes 2 (11m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 28.57

Woakes to Sharma, no run, short of a length outside off, dead-batted towards the slip cordon
Woakes to Ashwin, 1 run, length on the stumps, whipped through midwicket on the up
Woakes to Ashwin, 2 runs, dives back in and loses his helmet as he does so to complete the second run. Length ball outside off, runs it past the slips with an open face

Alex: "When your specialist spinner top scores in both innings!! Ashwin is a beast"

Neil: "Ashwin was presumably selected for his batting. "

John: "Good to see Rashid fielding a few down at fine leg. He's got to do something to earn his money. Hasn't bowled an over and didn't bat."

He'll get more treatment and the umpires have called for drinks as well

Woakes to Ashwin, no run, short of third slip. Ashwin cops another on the knuckles of his right hand. Gets forward to one that kicks up and it lobs off his bottom glove. Jennings can't get there with the dive. Ashwin's in pain again.
Woakes to Ashwin, no run, length and in at middle stump. Flicked to deep midwicket and won't take the run

46 | 2 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 127/9

  • I Sharma2 (5b)
  • R Ashwin30 (44b)
  • JM Anderson12-5-23-4
  • CR Woakes9-2-21-1
Anderson to Sharma, no run, full and in at middle stump. Pushed down the pitch from deep in the crease

India 3rd innings Partnerships

1st0M VijayKL Rahul
2nd13CA PujaraKL Rahul
3rd22CA PujaraAM Rahane
4th15CA PujaraV Kohli
5th11V KohliHH Pandya
6th0KD KarthikHH Pandya
7th55R AshwinHH Pandya
8th5R AshwinKuldeep Yadav
9th4R AshwinMohammed Shami
10th5R AshwinI Sharma