Jemima Montag wins 20km walk; Claire Tallent disqualified

Gold Medalist, Jemima Montag of Australia consoles the disqualified Claire Tallent. Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Jemima Montag has won the gold medal in a dramatic women's 20km walk at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, with fellow Australian Claire Tallent disqualified.

Tallent, the wife of Olympic and world champion race walker Jared Tallent, was leading Sunday's race with 2km to go when she was issued with a third and final red card by a judge.

She immediately burst into tears.

It was mixed emotions for 20-year-old Montag, who claimed gold in one hour 32 minutes 50 seconds.

"You don't want it to happen to anyone, but to another Aussie is heartbreaking," said the gold medallist.

"I really thought we'd be able to push each other through to a fast time in the last few laps.

"I definitely wanted her with me to the end."

Montag's coach Brent Vallance also coaches the silver medallist, Alana Barber from New Zealand.

Bethan Davies from Wales was third.