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Iowa State's Evrett Edwards mocks Baker Mayfield by planting flag on Oklahoma's field

NORMAN, Okla. -- Iowa State defensive back Evrett Edwards planted the state flag of Iowa at midfield of Owen Field after the Cyclones' stunning 38-31 upset of Oklahoma in Norman on Saturday. 

In Week 2, Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield planted an OU flag at midfield of Ohio Stadium after the Sooners knocked off Ohio State. Mayfield drew both criticism and praise for his celebration at The Horseshoe, for which he apologized the following week.

Mayfield said he wasn't surprised by the response Saturday.

"You expect it, and it's whatever," said Mayfield on the Edwards flag plant.

Before Oklahoma's previous game at Baylor, Mayfield was also caught saying, "You forgot who daddy is. I'm gonna have to spank you today."

Mayfield acknowledged that he expects that to come back on him, as well, after the loss.

"I'm sure I'll get comments that Iowa State is my dad or something like that," he said.

Mayfield, however, didn't take much offense to Edwards.

"I'm not worried what they're doing," he said. "You gotta go back to work."

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