Antonio Brown: Mason Rudolph can learn from 'great quarterback'

PITTSBURGH -- Mason Rudolph is in the perfect situation as a Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback behind Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown says.

Despite Roethlisberger's recent radio comments that suggested he'd be icy toward the third-round rookie, Brown, who admits he doesn't care who the Steelers take each draft, likes the setup. He gets to catch deep outs from Big Ben for at least a few more years, then build chemistry with a young signal caller.

"He gets to watch Ben, one of the greatest who's ever done it. That's my take," Brown said. "A quarterback, this is where you want to be, around a great quarterback, a guy who's done it a long time, someone who's a champion, someone you can learn from, and I think he's in a great position to learn from Ben.

"When he gets an opportunity, whether it's this year, next year or a couple years from now, I think he'll be ready from seeing how Ben prepares, see how he goes about his business."

Roethlisberger plans to participate in that process, giving the rookie input during the first day of minicamp.

Brown has watched the Steelers take receivers in back-to-back second rounds (JuJu Smith-Schuster, James Washington) and two mid-round quarterbacks in as many years (Josh Dobbs, Rudolph) despite his historic five-year streak of 100-plus catches alongside Big Ben.

But the All-Pro learned long ago to focus on his own business, which is generally boomin'.

That's why he's not concerned with the Steelers' moves around him, including the departure of Martavis Bryant, whose athleticism could attract safety help. Any new additions he'll "welcome with open arms," adding Washington is off to a "good GPA" start early in workouts by absorbing the playbook.

"We lose guys every year," Brown said. "We’ve got to work with the guys here in a helmet. Obviously we’ve got some other guys willing to step up. If not, just throw me all the passes."

Maybe not all, but most. Brown has averaged 171.8 targets per season since 2013 (859 total), which dwarfs any Steelers competitor. Le'Veon Bell is second with 398 total targets during that span.

Brown turns 30 in July and will most likely be in his final years when (and if) Rudolph is the eventual starter on Sundays.

But apparently the two have hit a rare practice feat already.

"He overthrew A.B. even though A.B. is not going to admit it," said Roethlisberger about Rudolph.