Five things to know about new Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy

Bears gets offensive-minded coach in Nagy (1:16)

Adam Schefter breaks down the Bears' decision to hire Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy as their next head coach. (1:16)

Matt Nagy has spent the past 10 seasons coaching in the NFL, all under Andy Reid with the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles.

Here are a five things to know about the Chicago Bears' new head coach.

1. Nagy was a quarterback for four teams over six seasons in the Arena Football League, throwing for almost 19,000 yards with 374 touchdown passes and 55 interceptions.

2. Nagy has been with Andy Reid his entire NFL coaching career. For the Eagles, Nagy was a coaching intern in 2008 and 2009, a coaching assistant in 2010 and a quality control coach in 2011 and 2012. After Reid moved to the Chiefs in 2013, Nagy spent five seasons as the quarterback coach, one as co-offensive coordinator and one as offensive coordinator.

Nagy and Reid would script the first 15 plays the Chiefs would run in their upcoming game, and those 15 plays were mapped to probe the defense to test for what might work later in the game. Sometimes the plays go off script, and Nagy would adjust.

"If you're going three-and-out, you might change some things up a little bit," Nagy said. "But if you're in a rhythm, and you're going and you score a touchdown, you want to jump back on it. The beauty of a first 15 is that it's flexible. It's a feel. If you feel good about it, you stay with it. If you don't feel good about it, you go somewhere else."

3. Nagy played with Chiefs general manager Brett Veach in college at Delaware, Nagy as quarterback and Veach as a wide receiver.

4. Nagy took over as the Chiefs' primary offensive playcaller during the 2017 season. The Chiefs, who had scored 19 points total in the two previous games, scored 31 in Nagy's first game, against the Jets, and at least 26 in each of the four remaining regular-season games. Running back Kareem Hunt had his busiest three-game stretch of the season late in the year with Nagy calling plays. Hunt rushed 78 times for 362 yards and three touchdowns against the Raiders, Chargers and Dolphins.

5. A native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Nagy and his wife, Stacey, have four sons.