Knightmare's November phantom draft: The first three rounds

With the football season and AFL trade period over, clubs now know what picks they'll be taking to the national draft in Sydney on November 24.

But which club will pick what player, and when?

ESPN's AFL draft expert Christopher Doerre -- aka Knightmare -- may have the answers.

As well as attending live games during the season, Doerre pores through match vision, analyses the stats and talks to industry sources to ensure he can offer the most insightful analysis.

His phantom draft is only for the first three rounds of the draft, and will be updated and extended several times ahead of the event itself.


1 Brisbane - Paddy Dow
Height, Weight: 185cm, 78kg
Summary Profile: Complete midfielder who thrives on the hard, contested side of the game. Moves well and possesses clean skills.

2 Fremantle - Luke Davies-Uniacke
Height, Weight:
187cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: Dynamic, explosive, ball-winning midfielder who breaks away from contests with his acceleration. A match-up nightmare when he pushes forward, taking advantage of opponents one-on-one.

3 Carlton - Cameron Rayner
Height, Weight: 187cm, 88kg
Summary Profile: Forward who is aggressive, powerful, explosive and seemingly unstoppable one-on-one. With time as endurance builds, he is expected to transition more into a midfielder.

4 North Melbourne - Darcy Fogarty
Height, Weight: 192cm, 95kg
Summary Profile: Powerful, but athletic utility with clean skills. If not for an injury-riddled 2017 he might be in the pick one conversation.

5 Fremantle - Adam Cerra
Height, Weight: 186cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: Powerful ball winner through the midfield who possesses class, clean skills and composure. If not for injuries, would be in the conversation for pick one as he is arguably this year's best all-around midfielder.

6 Collingwood - Aaron Naughton
Height, Weight: 194cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: Ready-to-go key defender who takes intercept marks, wins one-on-one contests, and possesses athleticism. WAFL League form though his last seven matches will give recruiters confidence to take early.

7 St Kilda - Andrew Brayshaw
Height, Weight: 184cm, 82kg
Summary Profile: Brother of Melbourne's Angus Brayshaw, Andrew is a complete midfielder suited to playing both inside and outside roles. Impressed at the draft combine with his endurance testing.

8 St Kilda - Jaidyn Stephenson
Height, Weight: 189cm, 76kg
Summary Profile: Athletic midfielder who provides outside run and an aerial target up forward. The bigger the stage, the better he performs.

9. Western Bulldogs - Nick Coffield
Height, Weight: 191cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: Evasive, classy and composed defender. Has the scope to develop into a midfielder over time.

10 Carlton - Aiden Bonar
Height, Weight: 189cm, 89kg
Summary Profile: Injury plagued, but powerful and athletic prospect. Likely starts as a forward and develops into a midfielder as his endurance improves.

11 Greater Western Sydney - Nathan Murphy
Height, Weight: 188cm, 84kg
Summary Profile: Murphy has chosen an AFL career having focused on cricket prior to this year. Mobile utility who is effective as either a forward or defender.

12 Adelaide - Charlie Constable
Height, Weight: 190cm, 86kg
Summary Profile: Tall midfielder with clean skills and impressive vision. Would be suited to developing as a rebounding defender.

13 West Coast - Jarrod Brander
Height, Weight: 195cm, 93kg
Summary Profile: Talented key position player with the scope to develop at either end. Mobile tall who reads the ball well in flight and is a clean ball user.

14 Sydney - Oscar Allen
Height, Weight: 191cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: Undersized key forward who has performed as well as any, leading the Under-18 Championships with 11 goals. Smart on the lead and just as good at ground level.

15 Brisbane - Hunter Clark
Height, Weight: 186cm, 80kg
Summary Profile: Well-rounded midfielder who is clean on both sides of the body. Just as good inside the contest as he is on the outside.

16 Western Bulldogs - Jack Higgins
Height, Weight: 178cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: Ready-to-go, productive midfielder who won the Morrish Medal as the best and fairest player in the VFL Under-19 competition Arguably more damaging up forward with his clean, one-touch play.

17 Richmond - Noah Balta
Height, Weight: 195cm, 95kg
Summary Profile: Freakishly athletic key position player. Breaks the lines, possesses rare clearness at ground level, and is a strong mark who will take front position in the marking contest.

18 Brisbane - Lachlan Fogarty
Height, Weight: 179cm, 75kg
Summary Profile: Hard-nosed midfielder who loves to tackle and possesses clean skills. Western's best player in each of his last three games, amassing 36 tackles in the matches.

19 Gold Coast - Zac Bailey
Height, Weight: 181cm, 81kg
Summary Profile: Speedy midfielder who gets to the right spots at stoppages. Stood out for Allies during the Under-18 Championships.

20 Richmond - Sam Hayes
Height, Weight: 203cm, 93kg
Summary Profile: Talented ruckman who is just as capable as a strong-marking key forward. Under-18 All-Australian the past two seasons.


21 West Coast - Lochie O'Brien
Height, Weight: 184cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: Arguably the best kick in the draft, and this year's most damaging outside player. Line-breaker who may have been a top-five draft selection if not for niggles that have limited output.

22 Geelong - Matthew Ling
Height, Weight: 183cm, 75kg
Summary Profile: Arguably the fastest line breaker in the draft. Ball use on left is precise and can also open up games.

23 North Melbourne - Jordan Houlahan
Height, Weight: 186cm, 78kg
Summary Profile: Athletic forward who is a threat in the air and at ground level. More a pure forward at this stage rather than a forward/midfielder.

24 Geelong - Harrison Petty
Height, Weight: 195cm, 82kg
Summary Profile: South Australian Under-18 MVP during the Under-18 Championships. Key defender who takes intercept marks and uses the ball cleanly from defence.

25 Richmond - Patrick Naish
Height, Weight: 181cm, 69kg
Summary Profile: Eligible for Richmond as a father-son selection. Naish adds outside run and class through the midfield and up forward.

26 West Coast - Tim Kelly
Height, Weight: 183cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: Dynamic 23-year-old midfielder who had breakout season. Possesses pace, class and has developed into a capable ball winner.

27 Greater Western Sydney - Ed Richards
Height, Weight: 185cm, 78kg
Summary Profile: Speedy backman/outside runner with clean skills and a classy left-foot kick. Strong finish to season sees Richards rise up draft boards.

28 Greater Western Sydney - Charlie Spargo
Height, Weight: 173cm, 73kg
Summary Profile: Shoulder surgery saw Spargo miss the better part of the season. Capable ball winner with speed who plays through the midfield and up forward.

29 Melbourne - Charlie Ballard
Height, Weight: 196cm, 82kg
Summary Profile: Late blooming, tall wingman with scope to develop into a key forward. Possess good skills, composure, mobility, and is a strong overhead mark.

30 Carlton - Jack Petruccelle
Height, Weight: 185cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: High impact-per-possession player. Dynamic ball winner with a big leap and line breaking pace.

31 Melbourne - Dylan Moore
Height, Weight: 176cm, 66kg
Summary Profile: Outside running midfielder and forward with clean skills. Starred at national combine in endurance testing and has developed a reputation for running out games strongly.

32 West Coast - Bayley Fritsch
Height, Weight: 186cm, 82kg
Summary Profile: Mature age forward who kicked 42 goals from 19 games after struggling with injury in recent years. Possesses scope to develop as a defender with long left-foot kick and strong mark.

33 Sydney - Joel Garner
Height, Weight: 184cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: Skilled utility who has generated a fair bit of hype. Not a big accumulator but uses the ball neatly.

34 St Kilda - Gryan Miers
Height, Weight: 178cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: Energetic forward with smarts who always seems involved. Kicked seven goals in the TAC Cup Grand Final.

35 Geelong - Toby Wooller
Height, Weight: 193cm, 90kg
Summary Profile: Strong-bodied key forward who provides a marking presence. Just as capable as a big-bodied, ball-winning midfielder.

36 Melbourne - Sam Taylor
Height, Weight: 196cm, 85kg
Summary Profile: Intercept marking key defender who reads the flight well. Capable both as a rebounder and stopper.

37 West Coast - Brandon Starcevich
Height, Weight: 187cm, 88kg
Summary Profile: Powerful ball-winning midfielder with courage. Possesses hurt factor with a damaging long kick, and lowers his eyes and hits the short targets.


38 Collingwood - Ryley Stoddart
Height, Weight: 185cm, 74kg
Summary Profile: Rebounding defender who uses the ball cleanly from defence and provides run. Will peel off his man at suitable times to take intercept marks.

39 Adelaide - Kane Farrell
Height, Weight: 182cm, 74kg
Summary Profile: Classy utility with composure and pace. Damaging, long left-foot kick.

40 Brisbane - Connor Ballenden
Height, Weight: 199cm, 95kg
Summary Profile: Eligible for Brisbane as an academy selection. Strong-marking key position player who reads the flight effectively and uses the ball cleanly on both sides.

41 Gold Coast - Oscar Clavarino
Height, Weight: 196cm, 86kg
Summary Profile: Solid key defender with strength in one-on-one contests. Much improved intercept mark and a clean kick from defence.

42 Fremantle - Tom McCartin
Height, Weight: 193cm, 86kg
Summary Profile: Younger brother of St Kilda's Paddy McCartin. Athletic and goes on long leads high up the field.

43 Hawthorn - Ben Miller
Height, Weight: 196cm, 98kg
Summary Profile: Athletic key forward who starred at the draft combine in the 20m sprint and agility testing. Clean at ground level and plays with composure.

44 Brisbane - Jack Payne
Height, Weight: 196cm, 96kg
Summary Profile: Eligible for Brisbane as an academy selection. Key defender with one-on-one strength and clean ball use out of the back half.

45 St Kilda - Andrew McPherson
Height, Weight: 186cm, 79kg
Summary Profile: Composed half-back flanker who is an able stopper and uses the ball cleanly out of defence. Also has capability to push through the midfield.

46 Port Adelaide - Jackson Ross
Height, Weight: 193cm, 75kg
Summary Profile: Raw, athletic forward who chose football over tennis. Untapped with strong scope to develop.

47 Melbourne - Will Walker
Height, Weight: 187cm, 80kg
Summary Profile: Ball-winning midfielder who is dangerous up forward. Finds ways to hit the scoreboard.

48 Essendon - James Worpel
Height, Weight: 185cm, 86kg
Summary Profile: Ready-to-go midfielder with AFL size and game. Stoppage specialist who thrives on the contested elements of the game.

49 Port Adelaide - Callum Coleman-Jones
Height, Weight: 203cm, 98kg
Summary Profile: Big-bodied ruckman and key forward. Mobile and a powerful contested mark.

50 Gold Coast - Brent Daniels
Height, Weight:
172cm, 70kg
Summary Profile: Speedy forward with good football smarts who can push up through the midfield. Most dangerous around goal.

51 Sydney - Oskar Baker
Height, Weight:
183cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: Previously cut from Brisbane's Academy. Outside line-breaker who takes on the game relentlessly with pace and hurt factor.

52 Brisbane - Jordan Johnston
Height, Weight:
185cm, 77kg
Summary Profile: Exciting forward who can push through the midfield. High leaper, talented at ground level, dangerous with ball in hand and applies good forward pressure.

53 Richmond - Brayden Ainsworth
Height, Weight:
184cm, 79kg
Summary Profile: Overage midfielder who moves effectively through traffic and possesses strong contested ball-winning capabilities.

54 Gold Coast - Haiden Schloithe
Height, Weight:
184cm, 83kg
Summary Profile: Ex-Docker who won the Sandover Medal as fairest and best player in the West Australian Football League, he can play round one as either a midfielder or forward. Has developed contested ball winning capabilities.

55 Richmond - Ben Paton
Height, Weight:
186cm, 78kg
Summary Profile: Overage defender with pace and clean skills. Capable rebounder, interceptor and stopper with a ready-to-go game.